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  1. Ask Pelosi, Schumer, Maxine, whoopi, and joy behart and trump hater Allyso milino if they will take in and Let this diseased scum live in their beautiful mansions.

  2. The LAST caravan was too, armed with new iPhones and social media? My question is WHY is ANOTHER caravan coming if they KNOW President Trump and our MILITARY is NOT LETTING THEM IN? OBVIOUSLY not seeking asylum!
    This time Mr. President give the ORDER for our MILITARY TO SHOOT TO KILL, NO MORE PLAYING AROUND! If these FILTHY SCUM KNOW that the previous FILTH wasn't ALLOWED in then this NEW CARAVAN IS COMING FOR NEFARIOUS PURPOSES, so nothing left to do but to OPEN FIRE ON THEM ALL!

  3. Tat tat tat tat, get some, tat tat tat tat tat tat, get some, ha ha ha , get some, tat tat tat tat tat tat, ha ha ha ha!!!!!

  4. send our special forces in El Salvador and take out the organizers then Honduras and Mexico if they are in the U.S. either treat them traitors or enemy combatants send them to gitmo.

  5. Who cares what they are armed with, start shooting and send them back to the shit hole they came from. I don’t want them here and the ppl that do are idiots.

  6. 20,000 This is an orgastrated invasion by George Soros and The Democrat Socalists, I would not be surprised if the UN are also behind this as well.

  7. President Trump please deploy FASCAM, V-MADS And DEWS to America’s Southern Border. If they try to enter illegally then Microwave their sorry asses.

  8. I am sure 0ur military will jam frequencies and burn up their computer chips – so smartphones NO good and NO good means NO FB. So eat shit new caravan of criminals.

  9. They do know that the border patrol have been authorised to shoot them them, right. If they rush the border with 20,000 then they're probably going to get shot. Can't these losers just fix their own countries? Ask for help from other countries if they're too pathetic to do it themselves.

  10. There's your POOR, UNDER PRIVILEGED IMMIGRANTS fleeing oppression!
    Tell me their not being funded, coached, organized etc.
    Looks like they're organized quite well!
    Follow the MONEY and CUT THE CORD!!!

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