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  1. Fit It is a challenging VR party game that is pretty much a simulation of the Hole in the Wall Game Show.

    In this Virtual Reality experience you have to fit through holes in walls that are moving towards you. Ingame you have to create shapes with your body as accurate as possible to the hole in the wall to earn as much points as you can. The more precise is the shape that you made the more points you will get. This VR game can be played with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and let's you compete with your friends on a local leaderboard or step into the real competition with other players around the world.

  2. Good evening nathie great video on fit it please play more this game when it gets updated. I did not realize the feet trackers worked white Bluetooth.
    See you and Mike on its episode 63 of the F reality podcast.

  3. I would love to see more videos with the trackers. I saw a video from „VoodooDE“ play „Island 365“ with the trackers and just kicking Chompys and Raptors in da FACE!!!?

  4. I love your vids so much u always know a way to brighten me day ☀☀☀. Could u say something in my comments please? Thank you Nathie.

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