This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can reach 20k again and if we will be seeing a crypto currency market recovery this year. Things like the lightning network have provided huge improvements for BTC and while it is true that others like Roger Ver with Bitcoin Cash (bcash) may disagree, I do see these blockchain technology innovations to be very bullish fundamental signs for the space.

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[twitter] Like Tethers, the so-called law firm report is not worth the paper it’s not printed on. We were not born yesterday. from btc


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  1. hey, im one of those guys who got in this summer around June. And what i notice is that so much guys who are in this space for a long time, focus so much on BTC, while almost all whom i speak to who are new to this world dont even care for btc, its the fundementals of an old coin which will never really be used as money to purchase stuff, and for tether… look its a market, and also on the stock markets weve seen this, fomo companys (didnt even excist) made markets go up and down, so if people lose trust trust because something silly as this hehe, then they should put their moneys in a old sock under their beds.

  2. what to have to back up. they have 2bil coins , how much they sell thats their backup to support, they dont need to have money in advanced they get it. if i have in my wallet 1000coins. And i sell 100 for 100dollars. Thats just i hold your money 100 dollars, i dont need to back up all 1000. Cuz 100 is in circulation that you bough, and if someone wants back i give you your money and you return coins. They work on that small percentage that goes up and down for their fee. Ordinary person dont feel it. but for bunch of coins you get your pretty damn salary .

  3. Even billionaires don't have billions in bank accounts. And even if they did, it would simply be a digit representing money that doesn't exist. If you think any bank would going to park almost 2 billion dollars into a company's account to just sit there and rot, so they can run a token called Tether, you have a far different outlook on how the economy works than I. Especially when the banks (and everyone else) knows that the fractional reserve lending model proves you only need a portion of the cash to settle the daily in/outflows. It is actually illogical to have all that cash sitting around doing nothing, even though morally they should. And on top of all this: they will not allow an audit. We all have strong and weak aspects of ourselves – and if you can't figure out what is happening here you should be very careful being involved with investing. Not saying Tether wont function for a long time, who knows, but there is zero chance the cash is backing it. Zero. And if you disagree, just learn how all banks function. Your bank account is ran the exact same way. Why do you think it is so easy to get a big loan, but so difficult to take out a much smaller amount of cash, even if it is from your savings account? Because there is no money.

  4. in real crypto era is not started yet… these prices you see past few years is only making by manipulators. crypto or bitcoin is more higher than what you think. I can say one thing all this people the growth getting more fast and will be stable soon in higher place.

  5. I don't understand what the difference would be if Tether was legit or not. What matter is what people thought it was. Same goes for gold. Gold is more plentiful and less useful than silver. Much of the gold is just paper gold that doesn't exist in the real world. – Still it's much more valuable than silver – because people agree it is.

  6. Tether is complete sh*t, however the huge fear of it being fully exposed is no longer an issue as we saw how people jumped into bitcoin during the last Tether panic. Not great for those people as they paid much more for BTC, but nice for the general market. Binance is in (I BELIEVE) the process of phasing out Tether with Pax, TrueUSD, etc. in their new "Combined Stablecoin" market. All that's left is removing Tether from that combination. I expect that to happen by Q1 2019.

  7. It’s so nice to be someone who uses bitcoin instead of trying to get rich off it. I get to love it, and not worry about it, and no matter what price it is, i know it’ll still be around.

  8. i dont understand why don't u stick with ur incorrect TA 90% of the time instead u keep digging and digging try to find out why this is happening

  9. DGX is the solution. That is backed by real gold. It's still new though so you don't see it on many exchanges yet. But i've seen their vault with my own eyes. real gold bars 99.99% grade. every bar stamped and accounted for. The supply of DGX tokens represents each bar. You can not only trade their tokens to own real gold bars.. but you can physically walk to their location and tell them "hey, i have 4 DGX tokens.. I want to cash them out" and they will take your tokens and physically hand you 4 bars of 99.99% grade gold. and vice-versa.. You can actually bring your own bars in and they will grade it and stamp it and hand you DGX tokens in exchange.

    They are audited at least 4 times a year.

  10. This is like the global economy. Its been propped up with digital money. Stimulus has artificially made the stock market look good. Its not because the economy is doing great. It's all a ponzie scheme. This is why JP MORGAN is warning of a global financial reset.

  11. BTC is the biggest of Shitcoins, it’s only claim to fame is it was the First ?? super slow, super expensive, most Ecco unfriendly coin; guzzling a small countries electricity consumption to mine ? forking here, forking there for selfish profits, totally centralised by a couple of Chinese miners, no utility, no use case, no value beyond perceived ? it’s dying a slow death ? but surely it is dying, soon to be replaced by the King ?XRP?

  12. The prior bull run up to $1000 was supposedly just trading bots going crazy, not real people buying. That's what people were saying during the subsequent bear market. This Tether thing just feels like a rehash of the same fud to make it seem like there is no genuine demand for Bitcoin.

  13. Do you really think the Big Money doesn't know this information? Can't wait for Tether to collapse and Bitfinex and all the other leveraged exchanges. With the grace of fate, the peer-to-peer exchanges will be the only ones left standing. First the price will crash as weak hands capitulate because they'll realise the crypto-market has been rigged. But then start to rise as the Institutional Money starts to come in. Transparent exchanges. I know what I know what I want for xmas.

  14. Bull runs start on scams, check into it! 2016 India high denomination notes being demonetized , millions dumped into btc to buy another coin.

  15. Child porn / child abuser Brock Pierce pulled the funds from the EOS and shoved it over to the Tether accounts on the very day that unorthodox non standard accounting statement was made by his attorneys. All they said was at that very moment the money was there. This will end VERY badly. This will be way worse than Mt. GOX. You can't make this stuff up. That is why the stable coins are coming out, so the elite have an alternative tool for shorting while the rest of us go down the crapper…

  16. Bitcoin is controlled by China anyways. Bitmain produces 80% of the mining computers and the largest mining pools in the world are in China. All fully backed by the Chinese government .

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