BITCOIN TO $1500? Top Bloomberg analyst reveals shocking data! [Interview]

Mike’s November Outlook Report:

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  1. Bitcoin under the price of gold or near $1200 is where BTC is going. It has no real world use cases yet, and the speculation is drying up. If you switch to the daily chart you can see this is a decaying function not just in price but volume. The traders and whales are the ones that are moving it a few hundred dollars each day. This will become more apparent after 2 or 3 more huge dips.

  2. I dont get the "store of value or currency" debacle… Why can't it be both? I mean people back in time, did indeed break off smaller pieces of gold and silver coins. Can someone explain?

  3. Mike is too bogged down to only one use case for Cryptos – currency !!
    Seems Mike needs a bit of help to get out of his box and understand BTC a bit better.
    BTC's main attraction is store of value and it will eventually replace gold.

  4. I know someone who cashed out all her Bitcoin topped over 146 million USD of course the police state took some, everyone is cashing out so the market is crashing

  5. He started to mention China and never got back to it. Second interview with his thoughts on effects of China, Switzerland, Malta on crypto space. Mining power in China? HODL etp in Switzerland? Thanks for such a great interview

  6. @FUD TV Is there or why isn't there a General voting system or verifying system within the blockchain/crypto space that can give some type of Crypto regulatory/validity to crypto issues/options?

    Why would we opt in to this decentralized space only to rely on centrally rulled "Government". Instead we collectively create our own Rules of the "Sea"/Crypto space?

  7. If 10Xs and 100Xs are gone and the bottom is $1500, then this guy is basically saying Bitcoin will never go above $15000 again. But also towards the end he said 'the herd is coming'. There's a lot of contradiction in this interview, but it was very very interesting.

  8. Surprised to see the comments. It’s just one side of the coin and it’s backed up by years of experience studying/analyzing. Fanboys can’t stand to hear a different viewpoint obviously. I’m bullish on this space but def like hearing what people like Mike have to say. Good work ET

  9. Great interview! Thank you.
    I would like to see other YouTuber analyze this interview and get a different take on the over all info given. Unbiased of course 😉 and not financial advice.

  10. Cryptocurrency space has advanced a lot in recent years, and coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin still remain the biggest hits. However, a large part of the crypto community believes that this will not always be the case.
    Many believe that these coins are slowly becoming relics of the past, and while their contribution can never be denied (they did bring on the crypto trend, after all), their technology will eventually make them extremely limited. If this does happen, other, more modern coins will have to take their place and become the next Bitcoin or Ethereum.

  11. Bitcoin has some real technological limitations
    Scalability has been a point of discussion on the Bitcoin platform. Lighting project was the closest solution to the scalability issue on the platform. Unfortunately, the lighting platform is not going to be in operation in full gear until the year 2020.
    At present, thousands of settlements go unconfirmed, and Bitcoin’s blockchain technology is arguably said to be running at a 90 percent capacity. Bitcoin cannot afford to be behaving this way with its scalability issues considering the many competing options available in the market.

  12. Let me ask you this question. “Who would ever want a piece of ‘Spanish gold’ off the sunken ocean floor
    The best digital asset created. The new digital gold. The digital asset that show fundamental use cases will develop a fundamental value
    XRP is being used more than Bitcoin being used as of today

  13. ‪XRP‬ is ‪Bitcoin‬ 2.0. It does 1500-2000 tps more like Visa
    The creator of XRP looked at the Whitepaper of Bitcoin and saw a problem in which every transaction is publicly visible to everyone.

  14. The higher XRP climbs the more I am certain it will flip BTC in 2019.
    Very obvious this will be our new crypto standard.
    Hard to accept for many but so was bitcoin back in 2010

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