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  1. These reviews seem very uncomfortable reviewing any device that isn't an Apple. Still one of the few in depth coverages on this phone.

  2. got it for $200 pretty decent for a budget phone.. heard it overheats but haven't had any problems with it.. i don't over use it for long periods of time so hopefully that won't be a problem for me

  3. I think Android One OS is still experimental. In midrange phone, probably more than experimental — questionable. Some users reviews on this phone describe this phone as terrible. If you cover your unlocked phone with warranty, make sure it covers software malfunctions if you get this phone.
    Word is out to purchase Nokia 6.1 Plus which reviewers say is much better.
    Problem I find is that availability of very good unlocked midrange phones is very limited for USA carriers this year. I don't know why you can't get G6 Plus made for USA carriers.

  4. Nice review, thank you. I for one like the sharp edges and flat sides design (reminiscent of the iPhone 4/4S). I hate phones which I cannot hold onto because they're built ultra-slippery and all rounded edges. If Nokia made a phone built like this but with a Snapdragon 845 I'd be all over it.

  5. Just opened my phone and love it – the copper detailing is very chic and suits an artist like me. I like the way it looks different on the shared charger so I know which one is mine easily. Thanks for your video, I will try the movie app too! Steam punk sci fi fan H

  6. Hey man, great stuff, love your energy and vibe through the whole thing… I'm Mikey from Kenya and I just wanted to know, what can I do to get Phone companies like Nokia and the likes to send me free samples for review on You Tube as well…

    Lovin your vibe… Will highly appreciate your response bro, cheers

  7. I wish I had the same experience as most others. Unfortunately mine is very glitchy and freezes a lot. Especially noticeable while trying to use the camera app. It tends to completely lock up while using the camera. I would have returned it but I was a little late once I decided I wanted to

  8. this phone is best. i bought this phone. it hangs. it has big bezels, the camera quality is not good enough, the speaker are not loud but this is a great phone. Better than Iphone XR and sony xz3

  9. Please do a review of nokia 3.1, preferably the 32gb 3gb ram variant
    Rest all reviews are nowhere near your quality! Keep up the good work, and try to cover low end devices too please!

  10. i bought 6.1 two days ago..i am extremely satisfied with its performance but the only two disappointing things are its display..though a 1080p display but due to LCD technology used the display is not that good and viewing angles are not good.

    2nd low internal memory for baseline 6.1..

    out of 32 GB only about 20 gb is available and sd card can only be used to store pictures and can't move apps to sd card which make the available too low as per 2018 standard.
    but overall the phone is smooth and can run heavy games with medium graphics settings easily and smoothly. also 3g ram is enough for gaming.

    i play car x drift racing.
    real racing 3
    forces of freedom
    pubg without any lag or significant fram drop.
    only thing you have to set pubg on low settings..but the other games i mentioned can be run smoothly even on higher graphic settings.
    over all its a good budget phone.

  11. This is not budget phone, it is mid range mobile phone. This phone in my country costs from $500 to $650. Budget phones are to about $200..

  12. The Nokia 6.1 has NFC that the Moto-G6 does not. It's also an Android One phone, so you get faster updates. I don't like the slick glass back so I bought the Nokia.

  13. You know not everyone prefers large phones, recommending a phone with a 6" screen as a better alternative to this shows your personal preference rather than your understanding of the audience. I'm looking at this at the moment as an upgrade from the moto g5 because the screen is still just under the 5.5", though I really wish manufacturers would offer smaller alternatives still as my moto g5 has a 5.2" and that is still a bit big for what I prefer.

  14. Nokia 6.1 phone all good but This nokia 6.1 set have alot of problems in battery backup is not good and set suddenly going on hot. This is just seeing better. i bought yesterday but new phone also hot and 4 to 5 hour only battery backup

  15. At least I can understand you quite clearly. It seems all other reviews are being done in India and I just cannot understand those guys! Thanks for a job well done.

  16. Here's a quick tip for getting a screen with a blueish tint to be a bit more balanced. I use a screen dimming app on my devices called Twilight, which I'm sure alot of people use. One nice feature of it is that you can adjust filter the screen to look more red, exactly to the amount that you want. So doing this on a blueish screen can help even things out and give it a warmer tint when used moderately.

  17. Budget phone??! After taxes, it costs around $300 dollars. I don't consider that budget at all. If you're truly on a "budget", you shouldn't be looking at $300 dollar phones. You should be looking at $20 dollar phones, or even cheaper. Now that is what I call budget.

  18. I actually think the Moto G6 is ugly. I like the Nokia’s design much better.

    And thank you for discussing call quality!! It’s crazy how many phone reviews don’t even mention call quality!

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