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  1. Hey guys, Max here! I wanted to address some of the pissed off comments. The point of this video wasn't to try and sell anyone a Classic, or justify the pricetag, but to break down how much it would cost to assemble that game library by legal means.

    We wrote/shot this before actually getting the Classic in the office, and before news of the PAL emulation/performance issues reared their ugly heads, and as much as I'd like to make an addendum to the video, that's not really doable with our production bandwidth right now.

    As for the IGN stance on the Classic, you can see our full review here:

    And I've been pretty transparently lukewarm about this thing on Beyond!:

    Anyway, thanks for watching, sorry if we rubbed anybody the wrong way. -Max

  2. This videos is trying to justify the ps classic by showing the price worth of each individual game. Yeah it would be $125 for all the games minus 3 but at least they’re not a dumbed down crappy version.

  3. This video sounds like a commercial to sell us this crap from Sony. Just reduce the product to the pricetag and not mentioning the quality of the Emulation at all.

  4. As DF Retro pointed out, the game library isn't even the issue with the PS Classic. The issue is that the games are PAL versions and run like absolute crap. Buggy, choppy, messes. The internal hardware and emulation are complete junk.

  5. I was really hoping to get Silent Hill on the system.
    My problem with the system is that a few of the games are pretty obscure, which isn't a bad thing. But they limited their list down to 20, so they can't please everyone.

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