This week in Bitcoin- 11-30-2018- Holders of last resort take a stand, Iran, Ohio, ETF delay

Baltimore, MD- This week in Bitcoin is back! I eagerly await hearing about what these three guests think about the past week in crypto. Blake, Chris, and Vijay talk about the future of BTC, long-term thinking, the Ohio situation not being a big deal, government interference, and much more!

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  1. Pertaining to Chris's statement around 16 minutes. I come at this from an anarchist austrian perspective. He's talking about central banks or nations adopting this. NO, no no, bitcoin will eliminate those things. Looking at america in particular, we've already found the sweet spot (and in recent events so have places like paris with their massive riots for tax increases on petro) for nominal tax increases. The US government knows they can't raise taxes further, not only would it result in civil unrest but its the point where they'd stifle business productivity they'd lose tax revenue. when you combine all the real taxes in the US like medicare and social security coupled with state and property taxes it matches the socialist nations in the EU. That's the max you can tax a populace, yet they still can't afford their bills which is why we've had multiple rounds of QE and money printing. With a hard money like bitcoin the government as we know it can't exist, mathematically. So it won't be what nation or central bank adopts bitcoin first. it will be retail and then the only governments will be voluntarist ones.

  2. 1:07:31 What's with flashing up those particular hand signs mate, not just once but twice?
    It's NOT o.k. and you know it. You do know your intent with this don't you Blake?
    As Edgy Bravo would say "look into it"!

  3. Is this another out of seasons april fools joke? The whole market is going down for almost an entire year now and thousands of people have lost milions of real money and you tell them to be happy and see opportunity? Lol

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