Bitcoin to Overtake Gold AND Dollars | Global Crypto Tax Coming

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  1. BTC will not replace – it will supplement just like amazon didn't replace Walmart – Walmart got better and more competition came into the market.

  2. Nothing beats tangible assets. We have already seen how volatile and fragile Crypto's are. Bitcoin will never replace Gold although Blockchain will have a future and Bitcoin may have some form of future. Gold has been a store of wealth for over 5000 years. Place your bets now.

  3. We're a lot closer than a lot of people know. The US used to benefit from the dollar being the global reserve currency, that's why they never ended it. Also, they never had a replacement before. I think the crash happens before the middle of next year, especially if the FED raises rates on Dec. 20. If they do BUCKLE UP!

  4. Love your content, check into COVESTING, received their DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) licence from Gibraltar government. Highly regulated exchange and copy trading were you could mimic professional traders while you Sleep. None the less, tyvm for your great content, keep them coming.

  5. If bitcoin takes over dollar united states of America will be a third world country where us dollar is the third world currency and rest of the world will move on in the new age of reality where bitcoin dominates the world

  6. TMO just made me change my pin to a long one & it MUST be used to make ANY changes (in person, online, phone)…
    Hopefully they are trying to hit the scam head on?

  7. This tax thing is quite sinister. I'm surprised nobody commented on this yet. Looking forward to you bringing an expert into another video.

  8. I don't think BTC will replace USD…It will be something different…no way our government will let that happen..I think the government will come up with their own crypto.Thanks for another great video!!!

  9. It will take a few years, but I think eventually BTC or some other crypto will replace the dollar. I have never bought gold, but if I did I would buy gold coins not bars. I like silver, although I haven't bought any of that either, at least not yet. Falcons better hurry up and "rise up" if they're going to win this game! 🙂

  10. bitcoin is meant to be peer-to-peer payment system and here we are making it a buying it and holding it and use the credit cards for payments , you know why? because some thumb-suckers decided to cripple it for 10 years. .that is why we have forks now trying to restore the damn thing. and now we have 21 millions of each of those forked coins, so bitcoin will not last as a leader forever .

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