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  1. I love X4 !
    let me clear it right away. YES it's not yet on par with the depth of X3AP + the tons of mod
    It's missing a good tutorials and you will have to 'guess' with others how things are done yet
    but it work well ! a real good base is here ! there is some tiny bugs but you already knew that you have to save often if you played x3 😉
    X4 right now is like a new PC with good components, it feel fresh and smooth and there is a TONS of new things to discovers ! ( and there actually a good reason to explore ! ) I'm really confident that X4 will dethrone X3AP in a few months I really feel it.
    if you never played a X game before i think it's a good entry point. there is tons of guide/letsplay already online and you will not be overwhelmed yet! if you are a elite dangerous player give it a go you will not be disappointed my friend !
    myself i'm already wasting 8h per day already and it's just the beginning 🙂

  2. Im so sad, although this game clearly runs on my PC my old GTX 560 does not "support" Vulkan, even if it's clearly capable of it, Nvidia chose not to. so i cant run the game.

  3. Currency (more info would be nice)? Reward vs Time (how much grinding, time sinc is in this)? Multiplayer (cheaters? lag? Pay to Play game? PvP)? I didn't really hear or see much. The game looks like many other sims. Frankly, I'm yet to see something better than Space Engineers. Thanks for the vid.

  4. Simply put, X3: Terrain Conflict did it better. Apart from the walking around and immersion stuff. But X4 is lacking in terms of core gameplay and long/end game (there's been forums talking about how the game works to figure it out, including from devs). In TC I could do a combat mission easily. But in X4 it's mainly mine clearing and the like. While this is a nice addition it has REPLACED a lot of what has been in past X games. There's even inactive jumpgates with content that should be in the game right now to be released as DLC. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but let's be honest here, past X games did a lot of what X4 is missing already. There's also a few bugs, like showing up in a whole other sector off the side of the map when checking your map.

    This game isn't fully fleshed out and it's not polished. And it shows. We also know this will get resolved in later patches/games/DLC or whatever. But the question I ask is why isn't what we have right now the best of what it can be? Why do we, once again, have to wait a year or so before it's fully fleshed out? If this was NEW content we'd be waiting on, well and good. But we're basically waiting for X4 to RE-ADD what past X games have done. Bigger fights for one thing. Which AP and TC managed to add in.

    Treat this game as more of a beta with a LOT of content to be added in the future (patches, bug fixes, new sectors and gameplay changes). Though go in expecting the best, because while what is here is enjoyable it could most certainty be better in terms of core gameplay. It's also worth noting that even simple things like WEAPON DESCRIPTIONS IN A SHOP ARE MISSING! Which only goes to show how unpolished the game is when you compare it to NPCs running the wrong way on paths. They got a lot of patching to do. Although at what point it will be done I'm not sure. It's going to get done but it could be months or a year. Chances are there will be a so called "new" X4 game (TC as an example. Also AP. They ADD new content into the BASE game) which will basically be X4 now with everything new stuffed into it. In other words what it should be already. A marketing scheme if there ever was one.

    Is the game game now? Immersion wise yes. Gameplay wise it's meh. Will the gameplay get sorted out at later date? If TC is anything to go by then yes. But why isn't the missing content from past games here already?

  5. Big learning curve. It's a great game for those who are patient and want to learn it. Yes, it has some bugs and menu system is designed by a maniac but… I still say X2 had the best UI.

  6. while i like the game it keeps freezing my pc after about 5 mins of play forcing me to do a cold restart which is something i really hate doing so i can't even play this game and my system runs games like newest tomb raider on ultra and even star citizen which is still quite an early game at high with no issues whatsoever. I guess im going to wait until they put out a final patch in a couple of years probably before trying to play it again

  7. just randomly stumble on your channel looking for X4 reviews since I am a big fan of X universe. Here's my advice: this video isn't a review, it's more of a PREview. I would have liked to hear more details, pros, cons, bugs, graphics, sound, how much time you've played it, how deep do you find it, is their campaign any good, etc… Everything you've said on this video is basically mentioned on the game's steam page, so this video isn't adding any value.

  8. Very misleading review squid. for instance, not everything is seamless, and flying one way will eventually hit a barrier on invisible wall. and discovering something doing that is less likely than you make it sound.. please be truthful to gamers. its money they earned. yes you can trade be pirate..etc. but anything you do is just, more money, more reputation, more wealth. everything leads to more wealth. there are no other definition of success in my experience of this game. then again, maybe i havent seen it all yet..

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