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  1. Dear phone makers, make me a Nexus 5x without the bootloop of death, with an even better processor and camera than the amazing 4k 30fps camera, maybe 60fps, and the same finger print reader along with a bigger battery maybe 5000/6000 mAh. And make it run stock Android 9. Stop pissing around with ridiculous gimmicks.

  2. It's still 2018 and after only 3 months you should redo this video following xiaomi officially being available in the UK. Poco F1, xiaomi mi a2 lite, honor 8x to name a few motorola is going to have a hard time in 2019.

  3. Keep your Remoaning off the channel FFS. I don't come here to listen to your political leanings (nice to see you have no faith in your own country) so keep it smartphones.

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