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  1. See the thing is if they make a Superman game it's gonna be really hard because Superman can fly and move so quickly and so the map has to be huge.
    I doubt that they'll make a Superman game I'd prefer a black panther game or Green arrow because those guys have limits and it will make the make more challenging

  2. Sony is screwing up, with a terrible E3 this year, and canceling their 2019 E3 in the light of the backlash. They are going back to their arrogance, its just sad.

  3. This probably means, that the most anticipated games – Cyberpunk 2077 and The Last of Us 2 – are probably coming out on next generation of consoles, which should not be that far away.

  4. CDPR will not attend the event. However, R Talsorian Games’ (the company which produced CP2020, the board game 2077 is primarily based off of) YouTube channel is preparing a Q&A segment for 2077 with Mike Pondsmith for the upcoming year.

  5. Three Big Gaming companies that are scared of appearing because Rockstar with just only one game has become a major trend everywhere; Red Dead Redemption 2 its " Game of The Decade" Deal with This, Second hand Losers!@*

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