Bitcoin Inverse Head And Shoulders – Satoshi Speaks?!

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Bitcoin has entered an inverse head and shoulders pattern. Satoshi Nakamoto posts to his P2P Foundation account. Is Satoshi back, and is Bitcoin turning bullish? We’ll discuss that and more in today’s video.

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  2. Dude you can't just look at the short time lapse of bitcoin. To analyze the plunge, you must look at the chart from its inception.

  3. I noticed this head and shoulders possibly forming on the 28th Nov… I think the projected target would be something like 5.2k, but I'll be ready to short after that pump

  4. I can't wait till you lose ever penny you have invested and you still have to do videos explaining what is going on in the market. All crypt's are going to zero, you got scammed in a giant ponzi scheme.

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  7. Don’t be silly. Crypto is a product of darpa. To nsa. CIA controls release to public. Nakamoto is made up is made up stuff . There’s no hero. Like Snowden or Assange.

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  9. I just figured out the exact bottom for btc and the exact date we will hit that bottom. Thinking about making a video to show it. However a little hesitant to just put it out for everyone to see. The confluence is so exact on so many levels its absolute amazing. In additional I found our absolute high before we hit bottom.

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