FANTASTIC VIRTUAL REALITY CO-OP EXPERIENCE! | Carly and the Reaperman (Oculus Rift Gameplay)

Carly and the Reaperman is is a co-op VR platformer in where you have to solve puzzles and build your way to victory. This asymmetrical game can be played …


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  1. I Skipped through to get to the game, and then I thought: "Wait this isnt right, it's not the same without hearing 'Lets jump into the metaverse and have some fun'" Literally my favorite vr channel, keep it up dude!

  2. U r my favorite YouTuber (i think i spelled that wrong ? ) i love your vids!!! I have been with u for around a year or two and you have been getting better and better! Keep up the good work……………. by the way i was the 7th one to like this vid ??????

  3. This game is so cool, i love these types of games! You should try Exodus VR i think its called. One player plays on PC while the other is in the headset, the player needs switch these switches while not being found by the headset person.

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