$3300 Bitcoin… Here’s why!

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I’m available for consulting at the rate of 0.1 BTC per hour. Please contact me on facebook for more info.

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  1. Don't forget 1 bitcoin is still equivalent to 1 bitcoin. And always remember since 2008 bitcoin is appreciated its value against us dollar. Us dollar or any other Fiat currency is the one devaluate itself minimum %2 a year

  2. Of course etf is getting delay they want cheap and lots of bitcoin so in the day that they are "ready" for bitcoin etf and then people will be begging to be able to get bitcoin

  3. The US will do anything to protect the dollar. The US is powerful enough to avoid any threat to the dollar. Unfortunately crypto is child’s play compared to international power brokers.

  4. Exchanges need to remove bitcoins base pairs and start to use XRP and stable coins for base currency.
    Like it or not, Graig Wright and Ver are dumping their bitcoins to save their faces, they can sell it at 5$ and continue to be wealthy as f.
    Stop talking about decentralisation, it is a lie!
    Wee saw it, they are big whales with inflated ego in bitcoin camp and they can dump their bitcoin to pump their shitcoins and in the same time short it on BITMEX at 500x leverage without any fear.
    Stop bashing XRP and accept that bitcoin is finished.
    It is a Wasting of a lot of electricity, costing the equivalent of the average wage of a poor country for one transaction, it takes more than 30 minutes for a transaction.
    It will never replace fiat!
    Why? because there is one law that stupid bitcoin maximalist cult people don't understand, people who have the control of money can buy everything and they will never allow
    something to take out their power out.
    I am waiting for a big exchange announcement like suppressing bitcoin pairs for something else, it will be the last bullet in the mining coins head.

  5. Well we'll be talking about it again once it hits 3200 and 3k and possibly smashes through that to 2500 or sub 2,000. BTC is not going to start going up until there's a clear trend change. Right now that trend is heavily bearish and it doesn't change over night, it will be a war before it changes. We took legs down because of manipulation, they're just using any news as an excuse to disquise it. This market is heavily manipulated right now and the SEC should be getting agencies together to target and find these individuals, arrest and take them to court.

  6. 99,99999 % of people are spekulatius that's why they are now investing in Bitcoin SV, but keep hodling this is the bottom 15,000$ very soon with vitalik on spaceX rocket to MoooooN

  7. Ask yourself this, is it worse to have lost money in bitcoin along with many others or missing the train completely if Bitcoin goes to 1m $.

    Bitcoin has a binary future, either it loses or it wins. And if it wins it wins big flipping your life around. If it loses you move on with your life because you invested as much as you can afford to lose.

    So what is it going to be?

  8. Hodl low use-case coin will completely destroy your money. The reason that bitcoin prize still remain this high is because it's centralized and pairing with everything… and yeah drag everything to hell too!

  9. Lightening network? Who the fuck is using lightening network to buy some stickers? Are you serious Sunny? have you seen how stupidly complex setting up the lightening network node to use is? Dude there is no adoption for this fucking thing and THERe IS NOT INSTITUTIONAL MONEY BUYING AND HOLDING bitcoin!!!! Stop spreading bullshit and getting your subscribers REKT! Only thing institutions are doing is shorting this ponzi scheme to death. All you fuckers are going to loose your money and wish you were back in FIAT!!! Hilarious that a bunch of dweebs and unemployed developers thought they could take on the world central banks and trillion dollar hedge funds and win… Fucking hilarious!!!!

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