Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Digital currencies are generating a lot of excitement. John Oliver enlists Keegan-Michael Key to get potential investors equally excited about the concept of caution.

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  1. This video feels a lot more poignant 8 months later here in December 2018… I had Bitcoin and altcoins before the boom and I held through most of it thinking it would continue to expand… lost a lot of money, or at least a lot of potential profits. Greed is perhaps the deadliest vice

  2. Bit coin would be a good test drive for new technology that could monitor criminal funds and terrorists. At the same time challenge hackers to help fix real holes with real attacks. Hmmm. If I invented block chain technology, this would be a good trial run.

  3. I mean, if it is eventually possible to turn a chicken nugget into a chicken, I'd still eat the chicken, just in a different form.

  4. While Google Glass was pulled from the market, AR continues to be strong in industrial markets. It's just not ready for consumers, yet. The privacy issues that Glass revealed scared a lot of people away from using it on the street. Instead, you'll see it used in medicine and manufacturing.

  5. Here is how I "speculate:" Suppose you were "Commander Madpup," a Psychological Warfare officer for the Office of Naval Research, and you wanted to study ways to Destroy The Enemy using Economic Sabotage and Civilian Manipulative Deployments to Erode the Enemy's Capacity and Will to Fight. Therefore, you use your UARC Supercomputer teams in Maui, Sandia, and at MITRE corporation to launch "Operation TULIPMANIA," a wide-field live psyop Exercise to test methods to engineer and break speculative bubbles and gather surveillance data to guage their effectiveness using cryptocurrency test munitions you have created and launched covertly. You also test coinsurgency methods by engaging in Psyop war-games with a different service branch such as the DIA, which enlists such as HUMANINT Agent TWISTOLIVER using field action technique REASONAPPEAL's effectiveness against assaultive field action technique WASSA. In the process, you would, of course, tip off ICECREAMLICK and BOHO about all operating procedures and timeline.


  7. Sha 256 was cracked second version hasn't been I need some backers to get me into various polynomials Matrix encryption is where it's at

  8. The minute that bitcoin becomes big enough the Feds will ban all transactions because they don't want competition with the dollar. This will effectively gut the value as all banking institutions refuse to to business.

  9. Bitcoin is like Enron, it’s all speculation and mathematical gymnastics that give it an inflated value. It’s going to collapse sooner or later and a lot of people will be completely screwed.


  11. most cryptos (the mined ones) are not fiat. In other words, it is not made real by decree. Its value is not perceived within an agreement reality and nor is it legitimized by one. Also, blockchain is NOT a payment system for corporate and State actors. There is only one crypto in the entire asset class that can be regarded as such and they are taking over SWIFT. In fact, they already have more than 100 former SWIFT customers. And they already have a market cap of $22 billion, an average 24hr trading volume of $1.8 billion, and I digress.

    And how about fundraising? The top coins by market cap (like EOS) are the brain children of ultra rich tech entrepreneurs and former c-level executives from Facebook, Google, and so on. They fund their own crypto/blockchain projects and they buy their own coins. If they start out by selling worthless tokens to greedy maniacs its not because they want the money for lambos. It is about making sure your customers have some skin in the game. If you believe as I do that we all vote with our dollars than you would understand how this might be a good way of adding quality, credibility, and most important of all, loyalty, to a first to market product and/or service. It generates goodwill and is also used for other reasons that Im not going into here because I have gone long enough the way it is. But Ill tell you what this crypto stuff is really about before I end this. Its about removing paper currency from circulation while forcing people into digital identities that exist only in a digital world where everyone and everything can be tracked, monitored, and controlled with the click of a mouse. It is going to change everything. That part was actually true.

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