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  1. How's does she know Goku dosent mention the similarities between broly and kale? And that he dosent scream Kamehameha when he does it? I'm confused it hasn't even dropped yet ??

  2. You guys are focusing on the score WAY TOO MUCH. Reviews are reviews for a reason. They don't exist to reflect your personal hopes and dreams. If you can't deal with whatever arbitrary score is doled out for an animated movie then stay inside and board up your windows because you clearly cannot deal with the real world.

  3. They don't mention this because the movie is primarily focusing on the manga version, and the manga version of Kale does not have beserker as far as I know.

  4. I'm amazed at all the people complaining about her complaint about no one mentioning Kale. You think that the more hardcore Dragon Ball content creators on YouTube who cover the series more in depth aren't going to notice the same thing?

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