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  1. Uh, anyone else having a huge problem? No matter what I do, NO characters appear anymore! I can't unlock any characters even if I play for ten minutes. I've restarted my console numerous times. Is there a limit for how much unlocks you can get per day? Someone help.

  2. Just found out there’s another way you can unlock characters much faster by playing one stock in versus, playing a challenger match and then change the language in game to restart the software. After every match you’ll get a new challenger approaching . If you lose the match you can face them again in Games& More . 🙂 I already unlocked all the characters hope you have guys have fun binge fighting too!

  3. Once you unlock a character go to the setting and change language. This will restart the game. Start it up play a 1 stock match suicide and you should get another fighter. Then repeat

  4. Tbh I️ just want to play the game. I️dc how long it takes me to get some characters I️ just want to enjoy this game after a years wait.

  5. People can disagree with me all they want but I hate the idea of having to unlock EVERY SINGLE FIGHTER. I don’t want to have to waste my time unlocking characters I don’t care about just to get another fighter I actually want

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