Bitcoin Fundamentals: Getting Weaker or Stronger Over Time?

If you were to look at the decline in the price of Bitcoin over the past year, it would be tempting to interpret this as a sign that the fundamentals have weakened rather than gotten stronger.

But is this actually the case? What data is available for us to analyse the real fundamentals? That’s what we’ll be covering in this video.

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About the Author: Louis Thomas


  1. The fundamentals of bitcoin are stronger today then they were a year ago. Banks and stock market are more fragile and bitcoin infrastructure is better today than it was a year ago — what we are seeing today is just typical emotional reaction to price decline — this is a true market and there is no plunge protection team to come in and stop sell off. I hold some and I have sold some of my bitcoin, waiting to buy back in when the price hits $1,500 to $2,500. When people call bitcoin a Ponzi Scheme it tells you that they know NOTHING about bitcoin. It will swing back up and the community is growing – stay strong.

  2. Do see gap of many people not using or knowing it what any of this crypto world is.  But tech is still amazing.  Any tech, biggest barrier is teaching people.  As long as they keep building up main coins, I will be fine 🙂  Love Eth!

  3. New tech always wins.  Cotton gin, printing press, napster, etc.  Name anything else that is decentralized.  I am already all in.  At this point, I can only buy a little more over time but at these prices, will continue to do so.

  4. Following the news lately, it is beyond doubt reality has dawned on most players in the crypto space alike. The value of Bitcoin is on a nose dive and looking at the charts, the support level is very weak with no indication of a trend reversal anytime soon. What this means is that those who have bought and are holding bitcoin will lose so much except something is done. For many, the decrease in bitcoin value is a big cause of concern but for some of us, consistent profit is made irrespective of the bullish or bearish nature of the market. Infact, this is the best time to trade what you have on a great broker and with the right guidance of a professional. I would suggest Prof. Wesley because with his strategy specifically suited for bearish times, i keep profiting and have made over $48,000 in the past 2 weeks. His signals are great and extremely accurate and you can reach him on ( ( wesleywillclinic @ gmail com ) ) for inquiries on how you can make the best off the bearish trend the market is currently experiencing.

  5. In respect to the moving interest rate, we are in a worse place. Overall fundamentals will continue to be bullish though, especially as more money is printed and more people who have experience with computers reach retirement age + millenials begin to earn salaries.

  6. Wow, the lighting in that room around and on you is excellent.

    That part where you tipped your hat to the decision to not increase the block size sure made you sound like a maximalist, despite your previous assertions you're no such person.

  7. Lois, you tinkerbell English queer, bitcoin, shitcoin lost 82% of its in less than this year. It will lose the other 18% when it goes down in the next little while.

  8. when will you understand tether is fucking the system and its full of fraud. it literally is insane that you cannot understand this.,

  9. Sell ​​Bitcoin as soon as possible … will be declared illegal and will collapse along with almost all cryptomonedas (except for BSV that will resurge from the ashes like the Phoenix and will be something like never seen) … buy Bitcoin SV (BSV ), will be the only bit of the future … I changed to this position about 3 weeks ago … I am informed of sources that few follow … if you do not believe me, little by little reality will tell … I I have fulfilled in letting you know …

  10. The only ones making money are the exchanges and inside traders, its unregulated, manipulated and doomed in the long run because of all the greed. But the technology is the future, banks and governments will make a static and much less volitile version in the next 5-10 years im sure.

  11. Hi Louis, what do you think about the Video of Chico Crypto called "Bitcoin Futures ? The End of $BTC? Paper Ponzi!! (CME CBOE Bakkt Nasdaq)"?
    Will Bitcoin really never raise again because of the futures? What is your opinion about that?


  13. Today I am going to Tescos to buy my groceries, Pizza Express for Lunch, Kwik Fit to replace a tyre on my car and taking my Sisters kids to the cinema after school. None of these places accepts Bitcoin. This is the real world. Will any of them accept Bitcoin in 10 years time? I doubt it. Bitcoin is a fad, a niche currency for people with ideals that don't match mainstream society are trying to peddle on the rest of us. There are 7.2 billion people on this planet versus 30 million bitcoin wallets, do the maths.

  14. A nice look at the various network statistics there. All bullish except for hashrate which isn't unexpected or a problem in the short to mid term. More transactions and fees constantly trending lower… Tell that to the next person that claims Bitcoin is expensive and can't/will not scale.

  15. BTCs strong fundamentals are being a highly encrypted, decentralized peer to peer payment solution without involving a middleman – created by an anonymous source called Satoshi Nakamoto. So far so good – failed as a payment solution, no real adoption since ten years, and it is more an object of speculation than having any real use outside the world of crypto. At this point I'd dare to say it is rejected as a payment solution by the broad public because by now everybody knows of BTC. Furthermore the technique behind BTC is too powerhungry and too slow.

    Things have to change – and they have to change in terms of the technical side as well as the adoption side as a payment solution.

  16. There are no fundamentals and there never were any. Nearly no one is using this imaginary money as a means of exchange. It's just pure speculation (mostly by millenials hoping to get rich).

  17. Futures contracts could be the death of Bitcoin might keep Bitcoin range-bound just like gold silver Etc are, futures are way to control Bitcoin where they don't threaten world currency hope I'm wrong. Be careful before you go all in on bitcoin

  18. Do you know you can still make money regardless of the Ongoing SAGA? It's very simple to understand that with no pain there is no gain.Thank you for your endless insights,For many of us, it’s great to hear all sides of the crypto-market. I still want to use this medium to appreciate who ever posted about ROY MORGAN three months ago, You are part of my Success Story. I know the market is crashing daily and the Drop in price is very Discouraging, But Trading is the only way out in times like this, Hodling isn't investment advice, I Suffered more losses as a Hodler compared to when i got into full time Trading. I have been able to Earn some profits to cover up for the debts i owed with my 2months of experience trading with MORGAN's Strategy ,He is down to earth and always ready to serve, tho He charged me after I made profits, but it was worth it.he is reliable, honest, consistent and very experienced, Trading Is the only way out Now, why we wait on the better days ahead of us, to get more info about My Coach on his mail ( /Telegram-@Morgantrading Number +1-631-706-4129 )

  19. The bitcoin maximalists are stubborn and arrogantly drunk on their success. Bitcoin was a theory, an experiment… a prototype.

    I personally don't buy Bitcoin, I buy Alts. I've been following the space for 2 years. But didn't start buying until the fomo last December. It hurt. Bitcoin loyalty made sense when you look at the last 5 years. But now, with frankly better alt coins, why would you stick with the old horse?

    The technology has come full circle. Experiment and test phase is over. Bitcoin will never be zero but I put my money in the Alts

  20. A lot of people keep asking so I just want to say the best place for buying/trading coins is Binance. Biggest exchange in terms of volume so your money is as safe as it can be (whilst on an exchange). Demand for accounts is very high and registrations can close at any time so if you are new to the space i would recommend locking down an account ASAP.

  21. The only thing that matters is profit. "Get them to sign on the line which is dotted." I'm sorry it's been a "punchy year" for you in crypto. Encouraging Stuff is not profit. You're right that "It is what it is" – you can't ignore reality, because reality doesn't ignore you.

  22. We will hit new highs next year. The last 4 80% dips were all followed by new highs. Don't forget this is a global currency with a limited, fixed supply.

  23. "Think about bitcoin like about a new toy! Like yo-yo, fidget spinner.. a main company create it and it goes viral, then the other tries to copy the idea and create similar products! And then the boom goes away, no one wants the toy anymore, forgets about it! Same with bitcoin.. the main product and the other – altCoins.. and the price is popularity/viral matter! If you think the yo-yo or fidget spinner will become alive again? Become viral again after one/two years, so bitcoin will.. but seriously? you believe that yo-yo will become most popular toy again? Top top???" – me.

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