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  1. Yeahh, leu used pixel 3, and he liked it apparently( just a brief rundown of his experience in a video targeted for note 9, why will he make another video, he has no more room to store excess cash!!), and then he switches to note 9, and then he may like it apparently

    And this fukn process is making him money…..!!!!!!! And I am studying my ass off so as to secure a decent job…

  2. I have no clue about what he is talking about, after years of being dependent on Anime subtitles, I have lost the ability to properly watch a normal video without subtitles….why doesn't it have subtitles?

  3. Lew : my next smartphone may surprise you.

    Me: omg he will use a Nokia phone?! Or no may be this phone from an unknown company or maybe he’ll take a classic phone like the 6600 ?.

    Lew: it’s the pixel 3…

    Me: meh ?

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