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  1. When will they ever make a game with tons of classes and races like the Wizardry series?? I bought this and I was very disappointed….. Not only do you have a small amount of classes and races but some builds are not viable or worthless. If I could at least make a battle mage I could play this but that was the last straw….GARBAGE!!!

  2. Oh no! Radial menus?! I hate those! And why must you hold down the entire time, instead of <click> on and then <click> off. It's beyond frustrating having the menu close on you after you're a few levels into the options because to let off pressure for a moment from the shoulder button. Guess I've gotta get it on PC… I hate radial menus, why can't I just use the analog stick like a mouse? It's not ideal, but way better than radial menus….

  3. What's the game time like if I don't do too many side quests? I loved these kind of games (BG, NWN, UO, etc.) back in the day, but it's really hard to commit to 100+ hours of gameplay nowadays.

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