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  1. Oculus touch controllers are decent for shooter games on VR, there's even a gun stock, peripheral thing for it as well but it's quite dear. VR and it's industry is still taking baby steps

  2. There’s a YouTube I know called Shuckins, when he plays hotdogs horseshoes and handgrenades he uses a custom pvc pipe setup for a stock

  3. Hotdogs horseshoes and hand grenades has some of the most realistic melee and gunplay mechanics, give it a try, its 20 dollars on steam and you won't regret spending a single penny of it, the developer (Anton Hand) is very passionate about his creation and makes weekly updates.

  4. In the future, there will definitely be many, many peripherals made to solve this, but only once VR is mainstream. Even if you're a company now, and you create the perfect solution to this problem, how many units could you possibly sell? VR is already a niche market, and VR shooters are an even smaller fraction of that market. Everyone who has VR right now is essentially a beta tester. In 5 – 10 years when the tech has improved and the costs have been reduced, big developers and peripheral companies will solve problems like this easily. But right now, the market just isn't there yet.

  5. What if it was just a pipe eith 2 holes to put the bottom of your controlers in so that you can actually take the pipe off when you don't need/want it

  6. Hey Drewski 😁 thanks again for your fantastic, hilarious, and positive videos!

    I have some bad news and I’m wondering if anyone else had this problem. This video didn’t appear on my subscription feed, and yet I have notifications turned on and certainly did not hide the video from my feed. Hoping this isn’t more YouTube censorship agenda. Hate to add to the conspiracy for all this..

    Keep up the great work Drewski! Really appreciate you dude! 👍🏻

  7. The new Vive controller has a really cool multifinger system. For the controller disconnection the best solution is going to be a rigid mount like the one devildog had

  8. As always great work Drewski. You hit it on the head and thats hard in VR. For shooters i think force feedback gloves are the answer. It would solve so much. my biggest problem with VR has always been the controllers.

  9. H3VR has a really good virtual stock to help it "shake" less, when aiming, but the disconnection between the controllers aka the "2 pistols" still is noticable ofc.

  10. simple solution to these problems, have a rifle mount for the controllers, a plastic rifle shape object that has slots for the controllers, you put them in the slots when your aiming your weapon then when your reloading just take them out and reload, simple!

  11. For rifles, I tend to place the dominant hand (that holds the grip) to rest on my non-dominant forearm, with the two points of contact becoming 3, utilizing the shoulder as a rigid anchor point and rotating the shooting hands forearm for, if not, decent manipulation for rotation. For pistols, I'd either rest the supporting hand behind the shooting hand or rest the shooting hand on my wrist.

    I haven't seen/heard of any gloves that could precisely simulate fingers, but I do have a Leap Motion controller that can stick to your HMD and detect your hands through IR. It's still in beta, but the Leap Motion tech is a really great step into true VR manipulation without wands/touch controllers.

  12. Operator dreksi, I know you dont check comments much, but this has been talked about a lot by other content creators. It's just really strange why a shoulder snapping mechanic hasn't been implemented yet. But Stress level zero did it with their arcade duck hunter game!

  13. So BrandonJLA has actually been talking about this, he's part of the whole CorridorDigital, NODE, and RocketJumpvfolk. They did a little video on how they stabilized snipers by creating an algorithm to create the third point of contact

  14. Play hotdogs horseshoes and hand grenades. It's incredibly relistic and has virtual stock. Also there is such a thing as gun rigs. Also you can brace controlers against eachother

  15. Maybe a mecha shooter would be good. Taking the shooter genere, but taking the good stuff from VTOL VR. As the player, you're fighting while in a mecha – it's basically an FPS, but you control it with joysticks etc.

    Unrelated, I'd like to see a VR game of driving/fighting in tanks.

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