Bitcoin Could Fall to $1,500 // Bitcoin ETF Years Away? // CryptoCurrency Market News

Could Bitcoin fall to $1,500 and is a Bitcoin ETF years away? CryptoCurrency Market News!!
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  1. I believe BTC bottom to be at 2200, BSV I am buying as much as possible at the right times, it is BTC with all issues fixed. BSV is the REAL BITCOIN

  2. i think bitcoin will go as low as $2500 before the bullrun, but im looking to buy at around $3000

  3. The BTC will go just under the 3000 $ mark. In the first quarter of 2019, the market stabilizes and turns slowly to bullish.

  4. My target BTC price is ~$1750 by March 2019. It will hover around this price +/- $300 for 10 months. It'll start to climb again around February 2020 right before the anticipated halving.

  5. Cryptos have never been predictable.Just when you think it will go up, it does the opposite.
    When you think it will drop , it goes up instead.
    So now that every one is saying it will go down , watch it going through the roof .
    Also every January, it supposed to go down but hummm it may just do the opposite and will go up .
    No one made profits as it goes against every ones thoughts , analysis , hopes and predictions!!
    Whatever you hear, just assume the opposite and you will do just fine with this crypto’s thing.

  6. I really don't feel it's going below 2800, Though the difficulties in btc mining can fall, I don't feel whales would dump it so much that institutions lose interest

    I'll be a buyer at 2900$

  7. At the end Bitcoin will survive, owning it now will be sure good in the future when it will rise in value. Just some guy from the Netherlands.

  8. I will say that 3k as bottom is very unlikely. Many people will expect it and buy there, until the major selloff will happen where even these people will be mentally tested. Capitulation will only leave the true believers and smart investors in this market.

  9. I think that Bitcoin will make a decent rebound from these levels because there is a HUGE BULLISH DIVERGENCE in the daily RSI. Also everything is oversold.

  10. Drop directly related to timing of SEC delay report. However all need a holiday and cashflow is king in Dec. So some had to liquidate some BTC this is why BTC is dropping.

  11. Great video as always. Keep up the good work! And everybody dont worry just hodl and wait. Next year will be well ?

  12. I hope the sec don’t approve an etf and disappear, all they have caused is negativity with all these delays. Btc doesn’t need an etf, it defeats the purpose.

  13. At the early time of bitcoin, it should not be allowed the ETF. Without ETF bitcoin price would rise naturally in the market and we would happy. After ETF in 2017 BTC rose on the top and it has been dependant on ETF. Now SEC playing game with human emotion of the whole world by continuous delaying of BTC ETF. It is very regretful for crypto devotees.


  14. volume is not high enough for this being capitulation. The last bubble pop in 2014 stopt at the previous high. I think history will repeat and BTC will go as low as 1300$

  15. This waterfall crash will not stop until we reach 1000$ Why do i feel this way—the President of the Cboe,/CME said so. "We will tame BTC" More taming to follow. Any talk that we have reached the bottom at 3000…sends people to Bankruptcy. At some point we will get a bounce before 1k, and it may carry on for several weeks, that I dont know. But it will hit 1k, and at this rate, it could be by Christmas !…

  16. It's only a question of time. Believe me, soon or late we will end this bearmarkt and we will see a new bullmarket. I'm a strongly believer of Bitcoin and Crypto. good job and have a good weekend 🙂

  17. Then SEC might just say NO so why are we still in this crap ? Would not surprise me if the SEC was receiving a financial incentive to keep putting it off.

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