Bitcoin dumps (again) – Live Discussion / ETF delay / Crypto layoffs

Livestream to talk about the crypto market – bitcoin is down 10% today and ethereum is below $100. SEC confirmed that the Bitcoin ETF is delayed until feb. Crypto layoffs hit consensys and steemit.

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I’m not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.


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  1. This downtrend has been very good to me. Impulsive moves to the downside are quite easy to spot. I have made life-changing money from this market. I don't know why everyone is so fearful. They just need to play with market momentum! An old trader Adrian Markus from Denmark told me when I was starting out: don't fights the trend make money from the momentum. I am just sitting on the sideline to make a momentum play when the opportunity presents with 50X leverage.

    all I can say is thanks market you have made my year. The only problem is no Limbo for me but I don't have a mortgage anymore. I started 3 years ago and I have made more money in the correction that I did going long Adrian Markus is a professional in trading and has an excellent way of making you achieve the best. I love the consistency of his strategy. He is the only one I trust, for more assistance reach him @gmail(Garybailey401)

  2. Michael, I see you’re quite connected to steem in a way most of us are maybe to Twitter. But it’s really wishful thinking to see the platform compete with any of the social media products out there. Product is about so many things that in crypto people don’t yet master, that I won’t even bother going into details.

  3. Steemit is just a front end. go to, a much better front end to the exact same content and curation. Steemit will probably die and these new front ends will be king. I think Steemit inc sees that writing on the wall.

  4. Now that the bitcoin is at its current level it’s advisable to invest what we are holding to make more profit so we don’t feel lost price which we are experiencing now

  5. Couldn't disagree more on the steemit front. is so far behind compared to other front ends, it's not worth it for them to pour more resources on it and play a losing game. Just look at, this is what should've been. As far as I'm concerned, I'm happy Steemit Inc is focusing just on blockchain development now since there aren't many people doing it. Whereas you get new dapps being announced on Steem almost daily now. Also, the community has solutions for SMTs and onboarding in the works, so it's not like Steemit Inc is actually needed for that stuff. Again, I say let them work on things nobody else is at the moment.

  6. Buying more slowly w/o FOMOing (when everyone are fearful) actually makes it less painful. A price crash suddenly feel more like a bit amazing discount! And it feels like I am taking a step towards reducing my initial entry cost on average! #CostAveraging

  7. I Agree with you Michael, ETF delay is unrelated to current price tanking. We are just entering the capitulation phases, the institutions are likely still trying to shake out weak hands bc they are trying to buy up BTC from the ignorant and scared masses as they know there's a limited supply and relative slow creation rate. Once the supply is bought up by them, retail investors won't be able to get BTC easily and this will likely drive up the price of BTC bc of mass demand.

  8. Micheal bro great live streams man! Stay strong good info! JMO these vids are going way to long. I recommend keeping it under 30 min if possible, 40 min max.

  9. Hi Michael I really appreciate the candid explanation of your situation with loosing out on some trades.

    One question, I would like to think that I enter trades not only to make money but because i believe in the solution and capability of the team to deliver the solution. Where do you think you lean towards? Is it all about the benjamins or projects you believe in or a health mix of both?

    On the real, if you read this I'd like to thank you for your efforts. I've got an alert set for a reason 🙂

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