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  1. Here's something convenient.
    1 Making a phone call.
    2 Taking a phone call.
    3 Putting the damn phone
    in your pocket after you're done!
    My god people!!

  2. la forma de receto de la lavadora seria colocando Perilla de CICLOS en COLOR. Presionar simultáneamente los botones de selección etapa e inicio pausa durante 10 segundos.
    Erick Penelopez: Y obtengo alguna indicacion de la lavadora que se reseteo? O no pasa nada?
    ELIZABETH: El equipo debe quedar con los leds encendidos de lavar, enjugar y centrifugar.

  3. 1. that scan feature is dope
    2. I wouldnt buy it but sounds like a decent option for people who dont like hightech stuff
    3. wtf
    4. dunno seems a bit pervert
    5. nahhh

  4. the first phone is a scam. you have to tell the app what its looking at and then it just give syou a listing of the caloric values based on database listings. a real spectrometer is much more power and, even then, doesnt do what H2 claims to. look into it!

  5. Yeahhhh nooo that's stupid hey u wanna pay for a phone that doesn't give u anything that any other phone since 2007 give u for the same price get the fuck out of here

  6. I really loved that last fone , it reminded me of my first note phone that I got , i really loved it because it was so wide, & brilliant for watching webcams & going forums , unlike the note 8 , which seems quite narrow, so I'm not so impressed with it , apart from the stylus which I love .

  7. As much as i appreciate the idea behind the feature phone i sincerely hope that there are no troll parents who buy their teenager one of these "to teach them a lesson"

  8. Yeah i'm in that audience who likes that siempo phone. I already have my phone set up to work pretty much like that anyway – I don't think you need an app for it. I have all my notifications switched off, a homescreen that reminds me what I'm working towards, and only the apps I actually need & want so I don't get distracted by crap that isn't important. I don't have social media on my phone apart from instagram which I check a couple of times a week. You don't need a special phone or a special app to do that for you just set aside some time to evaluate what's important and set your phone up to work for you the way you want it to, not have you at its beck and call. If the distracting stuff isn't even on your phone impulse control and distractability isn't such an issue.?‍♀️

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