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  1. Because I am too broke and BARELY have a 360 (my roommate gave it to me)
    should I get NHL 14 instead of 15 or Legacy?
    all what matters to me but its okay if not is to have the rosters up to date.

  2. ok NHL14 gets a 8.3 but NHL16 gets a 7.8 when graphics, loading screens and game modes are better in NHL16. maybe ign should review past series' scores out of 10 so they can make a meaningful review

  3. Picked this up used. Thanks god, full price would be straight up robbery. Can't hit cleanly without a fight every other time. Skating on D is like driving a semi truck. Default level is insanely difficult. Maybe I'll try this anniversary mode, otherwise this game blows

  4. EA should stop pulling one out every year for one reason: a good game takes budget and good developers, but a really good game takes TIME. For fucks sake, the game would be worlds better if they would just release one only every 3 to 5 years.

  5. does anyone know how to get home goal horns, this one dude goes there and theres a bunch of sound files, i go there and on mine there is nothing at all, just blank, where do you get the custom goal horn sounds ???

  6. Sorry there is not that much improvement from 12 to 14. They found a way to make a good game and will play it out (madden style) until people bitch for nhl 2k or some shit. 

  7. They seriously need to start making updates for NHL. For the past years, they have never once have done an important update such as fixing bug(s)/glitch(es). It's frustrating as hell playing ESHL and playing teams that only try to do cross-creases and glitch goals.

  8. NHL 14 is just unrealistic crap. And this guy who reviews this dont know what he is talking about. 94 mode was just complete bullshit… and there is actually only 2 fun gamemodes. GM and EASHL. Only reason i play this game is because i love hockey. And i know im not the only one thinking like this. This game isnt even close to real hockey.

  9. I feel like There should be a review once you get the game. Basically say whatever is new. But also a review opinion after about 6 months of the game being out. That way i find you can really break down the game more.

  10. Anyone recommend waiting for 15 or buying now? I have NHL 12 but I'm getting sick of it and not being able to play custom teams + hard to find opponents. Is the game good enough to warrant buying both?

  11. Last time I played NHL was 2004…, this game's physics looks same lol. Puch is still somehow sticked to players, throws are unrealistic not taking into account players possition to puck + they do not even dribble the puck – WTF??? STOP releasing these games every year and for once just make a decent SANDBOX experience EA!!! For a 2014 i would give 2 for gameplay out of 10 – shame

  12. This is by far the worst game in the NHL series, it's like EA didn't even try to balance the computer, the jump from the difficulty of rookie to pro is crazy, in rookie the game isn't even fun because of how bad the computer is, then go to pro and all of a sudden every player are gods making you loss control of the puck just by nudging you, and their passing is inhuman, as the computer makes makes passing like lasers to the tape, and let's not mention how you can never even get a loose puck if you are anywhere close AI as puck magically zips to the computer's stick.
    My review 0/5 and all copies should be burned for such a big middle finger to players, EA has once again released a game that was clearly not ready to be released.

  13. Looking at the comments, noticing people saying that NHL14 is a great game, makes me laugh! How FUCKING BLIND ARE YOU!!! Clearly this guy reviewing it has no idea wtf he is talking about! And im not just some hater thriving on this game for no reason…. I play this game every day! And i owned every NHL game from 06. The only reason i play NHL games now is because i love hockey and i wanna play a game that resembles Hockey, but i have to put up with EA's laziness and iam not the only one! My favourite part is near the end when he says "See Madden, this is how you celebrate an anniversary!" What Fucking Rubish, whoopdy do, they fucking rigged the cover and put in one of the gayest game modes i have ever seen in NHL games! Ya great fucking way to celebrate an anniversery! Instead of Anniversery mode, hbu u get your thumb out've your asses and make a game thats actually worth $60-$70 for once!

  14. what an awful review. i love this game and im not hating on its score here. i am saying he didnt even talk about more than half the stuff to do in this game like, GM mode, HUT and live moments etc.

  15. @Ducesweden Bro, you can't really compare NHL and FIFA. For one thing, there aren't nearly as many Hockey leagues as there are football (soccer). Honestly, just don't share your opinion of its absolutely idiotic. Being both a fan and player of Hockey and Soccer, I think I have a pretty good viewpoint on both games. Thank you.

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