Time to buy BITCOIN? COINBASE adds 4 new cryptos! Cryptocurrency News and shorting Bitcoin

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Time to buy Bitcoin? Have we seen the Bitcoin bottom? In my long term Bitcoin outlook it doesn’t looks like it’s the time to buy yet. Because of the moving averages and the volume Bitcoin looks ready to see lower lows. That is why I’m shorting Bitcoin.

Coinbase decides to add 4 new cryptocurrency coins: MANA Decentraland coin, LOOM network coin, DNT District0x coin, and CVC Civic coin. The cryptocurrency market saw a mini rally because of this Coinbase listing but the rally looks short lived.

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  1. The plan is clear – Coinbase is considering to introduce fees for new listings so obviously it wasn`t done for the good of users but for gaining profit, that`s all.

  2. I have several conversation with my China ?? counter part. The Japanese its waiting for the bitcoin to down further I can’t remember the price. As far I am concern, once the bitcoin meet their requirement index. They will pump in hundred millions of $. As China will let go 50% off n Channel to another coin which nobody knows On Jan to Feb 2019. Lots of institution I have discussed nobody can give an actual answer. I won’t be surprised the coin might drop to $2000 as their indication. The biggest control might end up in Japan n China. We re monitoring …..

  3. this means shit coins will rise along with the rest of the market. May be buying risky shit coins will be therefore more advantageous than buying established ones. Established coins will survived another bullrun but shit coins may not and we would thus need to learn to recognize when it is time to abandon the ship if we choose to invest into shit coins.

  4. Hey bro I love your videos and watch them avidly! I was just wondering if you've previously made any videos on how to do BTC options, and the terninologies involves and how to use bitmex, etc? I've really been wanting to get into this. If you haven't done this in the past, do you plan on doing so in the future?

  5. Man, I thought you were David Blaine. I was like, "I guess David's tricks were not paying the bills, so now he has to invest in cryptocurrency." Those shitty ass tricks. lol

  6. Off the top of your head, do you know what any of the "useless coins" claim to do? At the moment these coins are a digital ownership of a developing project, soon to have a usecase. To label a projects coin "Useless" t says u have a lack of vision to the future usecase of the project. The term useless is used flippantly, and to me means its just used as a transfer of wealth now and forever.

  7. Does CME futures suppressed the bitcoin price from 20000 dollars to 3000 dollars ? Is it true or its market correction that bitcoin usualy experience?

  8. How can you compare the volume on bitcon back then compared to all the other volume on exchanges that have came out since then? Would be nice if we had a combined total volume tracker…in the future I’m sure.

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