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  1. Noble Lords of Cinder… The fire fades, and the Lords go without thrones. Surrender your fires, to the one true Heir. Let them grant death to the old gods of Lordran

  2. I would just like to remind people, Dark Souls is not difficult, it was never difficult. Yes some may find it to be challenging, but it truly isn't, it's just a game that expects something of the player, namely competence, and some initiative, stepping into the games world. The only Dark Souls game to be difficult so far was probably Dark Souls 2 due to a somewhat "unfair" hollowing mechanic, that has explanation in the lore by the way. If anything almost every mechanic of the game can be described by lore, or is used to explain lore. (I personally would never ever blame Dark Souls as a game for being to difficult at least in the instance of PvE now PvP thats another story lol, and I am not exactly amazing at the game trust me)

  3. You like it because it’s easier. Pretty much everything you liked about this game is in DarkSouls except the difficulty. ??

  4. This is a review I wanted. Someone who isn’t a dark souls fan who can give me an honest review. As a dark souls vet I can definitely say this is a game I’m interested in getting.

  5. after watching the video, it is painful to see one major flaw in this game, and a reason why most clones don't cut it, there is no weight, no physical manifestation of the enemies and weapons, i can't explain it, but most dark souls fan knows what i mean, the ''ooomph'' of a blow, the presence of enemies….in one scene when fighting that teleporting enemy, u can see that u can pass right through him….the game looks good, but not $40 good for me, and i will wait for the ps4 version…

  6. Man you mentioned Journey. That game left an imprint on my soul. It got me thru some bad days too, tbh. There was something always amazing & moving about working with someone else never being able to know who they are, where they are. You were likely never to meet that person again, but who would knows ? Experiences man. Experiences. So you mention Ashen & Journey… I'm on it! Plus, what do I have to lose with GamePass? In fact, I feel you're losing if you don't have GamePass. The service is killing it AND at 10 bucks? C'mon man.

  7. Small variety of weapons, bows are totally absent, swords too. No upgrades for armor stats. It's late 2018 and your character still can't swim, drowns 2 feet away from the shore.
    Visually is beautiful.

  8. This guy is ridiculous… He doesn't like dark souls. But he states his reasons for liking THIS game… Because the characters don't have faces!? Because the graphics are worse!? Because the combat is easier!? Because the game has and AI character that does most of the work for you!? Ummm mm yeah… I was interested in this game.. Now I think I'll pass.. Seems like a $5.99 game….. Not a $40.00 game! I'll be waiting for a sale. If that…

  9. I don’t mind clones of dark souls if they are decent. This on the other hand is dull that has child like visuals. They should’ve made it more difficult. When it comes down to £20 I might give it a play through.

    The surge is a far better clone of darks souls than this, it’s like £15 and will definitely give you a good challenge, no multiplayer though.

  10. Why does this look like it's 20FPS AND in slow motion? Is there a weird encoding error with this video? Is it running at like 70% speed? I'm confused, the game isn't really this slow is it? Seems like the only things NOT in slow motions n are the breath weapons of some wolf looking things!

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