Bitcoin Crashed To $3,000 – Is The Bottom Almost In??

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Bitcoin collapsed overnight to $3,300. In this video we’ll discuss this recent development and whether or not Bitcoin will crash all the way to $3,000 in the coming days.

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  1. You only loose money when people sell crypto in loss other then stick with long hold whatever money or value you loose it will come back BE PATIENCE WITH THE MARKET

  2. It's going lower to 1200-2500 – that's when I'll buy more. So many people in a state of FEAR, i'm rejoicing that BTC is going lower, the lower the better – I want cheap BTC!

  3. We are going to need a massive candle on the weekly chart on the major exchanges to call the end of the bear market for crypto and a massive candle on the quarterly charts to call the end of the upcoming bear market. Last time the the market tanked (Looking at S&P with SPX in 2008) we had increasing quarterly volume for 6 quarters and then we put up a high green candle and the uptrend was confirmed. The Normie market has a long way to go and BTCUSD has about 2 months still to tank and about 6m to consolidate.

  4. We are going to rally up to a 50% move and then proceed back down. ETHUSD is in a clear falling wedge since April and we found strong support. When we hit resistance it will be time to short with the goal of the wedge breaking down. ETHUSD target is 16.16 and BTCUSD target is around 2k. We are looking for 90% retracements from ATH.

  5. Don’t get mad at me for saying this but I strongly think that $2000-$2500 is the bottom range we will find before accumulation and a beginning upward momentum

  6. Next good support is at 2.5k, Craig Wright is selling is bitcoin and BSV his growing in value. But there are rumours milions of dollars in BTC are being moved to private wallets and sorted.

  7. I took a 150000$ loan to buy bitcoin at 15000$, i was thinking it had finished retracing and that it would continue to to move up (reaching 1 million USD) now i need money for my child but if i sell now i lose 80%, i will end up in debt instead of +50K i had saved for my child.

    I just paid 547$ in interest (loan) i am really desperate right now.

    Just kidding: i am actually +2700$ but i am salty due to getting out of crypto way to early, seing it crash is nice (didn't short it unfortunatily).

  8. I'm with you Jeb, let it crash and burn, the sooner the better, like ripping the bandaid off. The sooner we bottom out, the sooner we can recover. I've been out of the market for many weeks, after realizing some losses, so I'm enjoying this crash.

  9. i hope you are right… invested everything and am totally rect… if we get a bull market by second half of 2019 it will be great… but i hear others say it won't happen… who the hell knows..

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