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Bitcoin is dead in December 2018.. or is it? Here’s some powerful links to help with your Bitcoin research:

Bitcoin history for when it “died”:

“Why Bitcoin can’t be a currency” – The Underground Economist | $0.23

Google Scholars “Cryptocurrencies”:


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Bitcoin is dead 2018 where’s the bottom


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  1. Bitcoin was dead just after its existence and will die again and again until mass adoption. The next generation of poor people will not understand why their parents have not invested into crypto in 2018.

  2. I believe it will continue as a bear market till the infrastructure is capable for large-scale retail application. Also the infrastructure being built on top of block chain will help a lot. Also the next halving shows growth looking at history. But the futures market is a new beast on this industry. We will see

  3. Idk mike. It’s dead, there is a difference between on the up and up and getting to 20k and dying a slow death, worse than Black Friday in the 20s. Imo the more i think about it, btc is going to natural levels before the obvious tether interference. We got taken for a ride, and a few people made out like bandits at the expense of people who believed in it. What a ponzu scheme, a lot of people lost a lot of money, especially those poor souls who’s bough at 15-20k. We got had,

  4. All cryptos will always have some value as a private form of payment. The reality is when bitcoin first hit the $4000+ it really started blowing up, so maybe this is a true bottom representing genuine peak as use of a currency, and it will expand from here. I mean to say perhaps this is a serious bottom. Hopefully when thr world econony collapses people figure out crypto has some relevance.

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