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  1. SfIII Third Strike was the perfect combination of the simple to pick up hard to master simplicity of SF2 but had and still has a much more modern feel with the parry system the two button throw,the super bar which let u choose if you wanted to use super moves or charged up standard moves,and SF IV which added imo too many new bells and whistles,this is thee PERFECTED SF game

  2. I remember trying out the demo of SF3 Online Edition not long after it came out, though what made me decide to buy the full game was not the fighters, the visuals, or my love of Street Fighter in general. It was the character select screen theme and the VS screen jingle. XD

  3. I grew up a die hard Street a Fighter and Mortal Kombat fan, I still have this game on my Sega Dreamcast. One of the best three Street Fighter games ever. Ahhh the childhood memories ?

  4. I don't know about you guys, but I've been playing Street Fighter 4 and its various versions since it came out, and I JUST played Third Strike for the first time today…and I like Chun Li AAAA LOOOOOT more than in SF4…that is all.

  5. The problem with every fighting game online is the lag it's so frustrating that there is no point playing fighting games online! An annoying problem that needs to be fix!  

  6. I wanna get either this or ultra sf4. I'm not that great at capcom fighting games and have never even gotten to 9th lord in mvc3. So I'm worried I'll buy this, suck at it and never touch it. So should a noob like me get this or ultra?

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