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  1. RDR 2 Online has the potential to be one of the best online games ever made. It's sad to see such a nice game world go to waste. Half the game mechanics are already in place. The most important parts are. It's truly a shame.

  2. People just going on killing sprees is annoying and defending yourself penalized you. I understand trolls are literally secondhand employees at this point, but I shouldn’t be penalized for killing someone who literally shot at me and looks to continue firing until I die. This online is worse than GTA online and will die off if they don’t make certain changes to the game.

  3. RDR2 online is so bad and it's only going to get worse and we all know it just like GTA V. Don't give me that "it's a BETA". Funny how some people still think it deserves GOTY instead after this and it's bad controls and clunky gameplay.

  4. Online games always start off as peaceful not much killing or fighting going on once people start learning the controls the maps and how to play then it becomes a Warzone!

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