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  1. Thanks for saying the spoiler that actually mattered instead of the one you're revealed to instantly, which isn't a spoiler if it's revealed in "five minutes"

  2. everyone is entitled to their own opinion, i'm personally a huge fan of assassins creed. i can't beleive i've just watched this review in 2018, some 11 years later and there have been numerous sequels all of which i've played and thought they were awesome. in my eyes this is a very unfair review.

  3. Idc what anyone says about this game period. At the time this game was at its peak from combat to story and cities, this is where a great franchise was born and this was a good game to give off that expectation

  4. Only problem I had with it was the repetitive side missions. Other than that for the 1st in its franchise it was pretty good. People who say this is the weakest in the franchise in terms of gameplay I would agree with. But isn’t that a good thing?

  5. I wounder how stupid this guy feels today knowing this an amazing franchise that is still going today. he doesn't even sound professional at all. I guess back then ign just hired randoms with no type of experience to review games because he sounds like a 15 year old kid who just didn't care because it wasn't cod smh just ridiculous how horrible this guy reviewed this game

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