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  1. Doesn't it seem like tether value keeps going down down down? Hopefully this crash is so that the major players are out holding and will get into the game where we all knew they wanted to get in at. ALMOST THE BOTTOM.

  2. The value of bitcoin keeps going down and it is no surprise following the news and trends but it really pains me when so called analyst keep predicting a rosy road for btc. First of all, the crypto market today is still fairly new, highly unpredictable and mostly speculative. For anyone who is knowledgeable enough and wants to make serious returns off crypto, it is important that you get rid of the misconception of hodling which may not be a bad idea in its entirety, but must be utilized in the appropriate circumstances which unfortunately enough is not crypto today. I would give an example using myself. Within the last 2 months, btc has dropped from over $6500 to about $3400 which is almost 100% nosedive and have transformed into huge loses for those holding to their coins based on wrong forecasts but in same period, i have increased my portfolio from 8btc to over 19 just be trading with the right strategy, signals and system. It is only fair i admit i am not a trade guru by myself but i always find the better way to tackle all situations as i am more interested in results than theory. I rely mostly on the services of Mr Sabastian Cato (catosabastian@gmailcom) for trade patterns and signals at different prevailing market conditions and i have good results to show for. I have also learnt alot from him which helps me win consistently in my trades. You can reach him if you have any inquiries to make as he is one of the very few in the crypto space today that i think is really happy to see others grow too in crypto

  3. I strongly believe BTC and XRP will swell in no time even though i am an advocate for trading and not holding. I profit much quicker day trading and Duke Richards, a well seasoned trader and analyst has helped me with signals and advice which has made me realize over $50,000 in profit within just 2 weeks. He is indeed a blessing to the crypto world.

  4. Bitcoin will go down further yes. It will rise higher than 20k in the next couple of years. It's simply a market cycle. Reading charts on the term isn't difficult.

  5. @Trevon James , hey bro i know you are into tron from watching your videos, you need to check this dude video out, this guy did some scan on trons github code and found a lot of vulnerabilities in its code, he raised github tickets and tron just closed his tickets and didnt fix the issue, he doesnt just talk about tron in this video, he talks a few other coins as well that he did scans on as well, check it out here . Keep up the good work on your videos, i like the new style you started doing with crypto weather and fuck the haters.

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