Elite bitcoin trader exposes crypto crash, market manipulation, fake TA experts and Tether!


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  1. Great interview. Krown is a breath of experienced fresh air ina a sea of noods acting like experts. Like Antoine Kheil says, if you can't verify somoneone's trading expertise they're likely part of a psyop to separate you form your money (in crypto perhaps unintentional udeful idiots). You can look up Krown's traditional trading bonfides and his street-wise and pragmatic approach to trading resnoates with the crypto anarchists in us all while helping us to think like actual Wall St guys. Tip o'my hat to you for this. Now subscribed.

  2. He said retail doesn't move the market, but crypto is mostly retail! Retail investors drove Bitcoin’s skyrocket rise in 2017. This is not equities! The proper institutional infrastructure is not here yet. What an "expert"!

  3. Been watching these vids for the last 18 months and this is one of the BEST vids I've seen!! Hate to admit it but I was one of the dups who fell for Supposucks "ICO of the year" scam . Udemy gave me an immediately refund but I still felt like a fool and honestly a bit violated.

    I found this through Krown and he and a couple others (TradeDevils is the tops) without a doubt are the bomb-diggity of the crypto space.

    Thanks for the vid and now i am off and looking forward to binge watch the rest of this channel – thanks for the outstanding content!

  4. Loves this, well needed. Crown is on point and I appreciate his view and experience. I love how he broke down how all markets are manipulated…He nailed it, us small investors are just a single grain of sand in the bigger scheme of things….

  5. I so appreciate him giving his time in sharing his insights. I'm sure ppl will take what they want and leave what they don't. But I found him to be really sincere and informative. I love the fact that he demands space leaders to be accountable with their trades. He's really willing to share his knowledge with anyone who would listen. Thanks so much to both of you. I learnt a lot from this video. I'm reluctant to discuss channels I enjoy on your chat as when here I want to support u. He is correct in saying that you are one of the few top channels. Thank you for the introduction.

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