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  1. Spawn, Pennywise, Terminator, and John Wick are the 4 guest characters they need.
    The other 4 DLC characters can be whoever they left off the roster that people freak out isn't on the main roster. Like I will when they leave Quan Chi off the main roster.

  2. All I really want is the character custamizations from Inj2 and the return of some characters from the 2d and 3d era like Jade, Sheeva, Smoke, Nitara and Frost just to name a few.

  3. Wishlist in fantasyland: better online play (a split sec is all it takes to throw off your timing),Ash Williams and Spawn as guest characters. Local and online tag team. A cooperative tag team story mode., and a longer story mode closer to MK9 time wise.

  4. things I hate about mk x -the 3 new different move sets for each character
    New characters with most of the old ones missing
    No tag team
    Pressing r and l buttons to block
    Annoying random buttons for each fatality

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