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  1. This kind of reviews why I hate IGN/GS it’s just idiotic to judge a hole genre you don’t like by comparing it to another genre you like Gris is not platformer like Celest it’s an emotional experience/puzzle game like Journey/Abzue.. watch SkillUp review guys it’s more informative

  2. The lack of replayability isn’t inherently a bad thing. Games can be designed to be completed and moved on from. In fact, I welcome many of these types of games because it lets me get my fill without having to invest so many hours just to “fully experience” a game.

  3. It's essentialy unfair to grade a game like this on a similar scale to Triple A games and other "conventional" games of today. Naturally, the reviewer has a right to an opinion, but grading this on a similar scale just detracts viewers from potentially playing a unique take on a game, from a very small developer (mostly 3 guys) with a clear talent to touch people's hearts on a deeper level with their sublime artwork, intuitive gameplay and masterful soundtrack.
    For another review perspective I would recommed Skill Up's review. The game's certainly not for everyone, but one should form his own opinions on more than just a review score, hopefully.

  4. anyone who is interested in this game already knows its a 10/10 just for the stunning artwork alone. this man is reviewing this game as if its trying to be some gameplay-focused video game instead of a moving visual art piece.

  5. 6.5? Reeeeeeeeeeeallly?!?! If you think this game is beautifully amazing, why didn't you give it a praying score like 9.6/10 or a solid 10/10? Also, IGN has become the new Jim Stirling, ever since their review of the Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire remakes.?

  6. This is such an inaccurate rating. The game is amazing and games are just another platform for displaying dynamic works of art. GRIS is much more than 6.5

  7. The review seems fair. It can be the world's prettiest game but if you have those core flaws like depth perception in a platformer it can make things a nightmare.

  8. Why the hell would you compare this to Celeste? It looks and feels nothing like that. It's like comparing Far Cry to Doom: in both games you shoot stuff, but that's where the similarities end. 
    Oh and really, if you can't distinguish back – and foreground one from another, it may be time for glasses because those rocks are clearly positioned in the foreground, come on.

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