Finally… Bullish Bitcoin Signals & Chinese Miner Insider News!

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  1. bitcoin will be zero but bitgraph will be replaced by govts as currency unless ww3 ensues. i would personally hold gold. what good is computers when ww3 happens and all the infrastructures get destroyed. Ww3 has already started hiwever mass media keeps suggesting fukishima,fires,tsunamis,aliens etc. wake up were in the wake or a world war. id suggest by some metals and foods for a year. the initial oart of this war will cause a global ice age. what good is wealth. its a long term strategy. love your neighbours. bitcoin will be under 1000 by january 1st.

  2. In a few words guys: the younamewhat indicator diverges on the 4hours chart with the 2themoonxrpfangaysbchsvistherealbtc indicator. If the bulls manage to break the 14 ema and if Charlie Lee posts something useful, then we might see an increase worth a fart. Else if the rsi keeps indicating oversold and the Fibonacci support is broken, then bchabc is the Real bch and btc has Real use. 2 days transaction time roflpimpmycoin

  3. This guy is a fraudster nothing is bullish about the market for the rest of 2018 a lot of people is posting these videos do to them becoming affiliates for the market and trying to get people to sign up and buy so they can make a nice profit off of people while the market is in a bearish state

  4. Lol! Did you look at the RSI on the 4H on shorts. OR MACD showing its going down, Plus the trend, Plus the moving averages on every chart. Or do any Technical analysis. Its not like previous lows are becoming resistance or anything. We are going to the moon! Lol NASDAQ you realize futures are going to make the price drop when they launch. Also they are waiting of the EFTC. They announced we are still a year off. Put a buy order at 3200 and let me know how it goes.

  5. im sorry, but for me is BTC and other kryptos dead for me. i have only lost money over 2018. just dropping , dropping and dropping. im tired of hearing bullish here, bullish tomorrow and bullish next week everyday on youtube for 1 year now. its news everyday on internet, some fake, some true, but still nothing happen. im not gonna sell any BTC or any of my altcoins, but im starting to be negative on this invest.

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  7. The average person still has no idea what bitcoin is, how to obtain it, or how to use it. When the average person needs it, in the face of looming economic shifts and crises, its time to be bullish. Not yet.

  8. bitcoin is dead. As I said in early 2018 he will fall so he is too. All the fairy tales, all the wisdom, all the forecasts, all failed. You can not calculate Bitcoin with "News". It will help you no indicators and more. Bitcoin has nothing to do with a real currency and is frighteningly easy to calculate. And he will continue to fall. Even under the 1000 mark so much is for sure. Certainly many unsuspecting customers want to advertise. Of course, many want to save their Bitcoin because they are stupidly high and are already recording high losses. Well … Bitcoin falls back to where he was last. That's how it looks. As long as you do not understand the nature of Bitcoin or just let yourself go … well … as long as you lose. ^^ Many say that news is better to know what's going on, but they've all been taught better. As long as you do not know why Bitcoin was created and what kept it for so long, what kind of "market" was responsible for it, as long as you pay for it. ^^ It keeps falling … back to where it was before. There you can talk what you want.

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