Trace Mayer Is Back- LIVE! (Early Bitcoin Investor Who Bought At $.05)

January 3rd For “Proof Of Keys Day” – Remove your crypto off of exchanges, and take sovereignty of your finances with us!
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  1. Removing all Bitcoin off of exchanges is actually a great idea to end the bear market. It will look like mass capitulation, and the liquid supply will shrink up. People will think there is a bottom, and once they go to buy there will be a much smaller supply, thus sending price much higher.

  2. He hit the nail on the head about lot of people who said they wished they bought bitcoin low that they would have sold out by now. I’ve held since 30 dollars most of mine but you have to have guts and as they say strong hands. Ignore price in bear markets and just make sure fundamentals is what’s going up ?? price will follow eventually

  3. Its great that Trace is promoting owning your own keys and therefore your bitcoin. But can someone explain this. Arent we all still depending on the software maker that allows us to put in the keys to access our bitcoin. For example, we use the ledger and have our keys but if the ledger software wasnt available anymore, we still dont have access to our coins. We might have our keys but they moved the whole door. Thoughts?

  4. so much fud, ripple cannot freeze your xrp and its not a security cause not only ripple takes the token xrp, also r3 and omni, which have no contracts with ripple but takes the token xrp for their own purposes . so xrp is not a security of ripple, thats just bullshit and bitcoin maximalists fud spreading.

  5. I get the idea. But… YES!, but,… are we not paying fees? and maybe helping the miners survive? Will this screw some that cannot get their funds?, or worse crush an exchange?,
    causing more Fudd in the market? food for thought. P.S. All markets are a game folks, even crypto. Think 1st…and Short BTC Jan 2nd

  6. Fantastic interview. you were well prepared! the only question i wish you asked him was about was when he mentioned how high the OTC volume is. He says is something like 10-15 billion? Exchanges are 3-6 billion right now. That's an insane difference and doesn't really add up to me. My point is that why would exchanges and mining operations tolerate that? If everything is happening OTC then the price is being artificially squashed. Its kind of bullshit. But It doesn't add up to me cause why would sellers want to give big buyers these too good to be true low prices imo. Anyway, would love Trace's opinion or yours or anybody on this!

  7. $1/Satoshi. Why the fuck not??? Put one Satoshi on a casino chip and give them as stocking stuffers, make it cool/part of the culture. peace.

  8. why would huge money just not create their iwn exchange and make a biz and a bank for themselves????? if i have trillions of dollars i wouldnt use any exchange id create my own exchange showing everything needed to also be another coinbase etc. just dont make sense. id control my money and my bank myself. and make money off other companies that wry like they do and just be another bilderberg org. lol. the devil doesnt need us to help him hahahaha

  9. i bet all markets have used all ur crypto to make them money not hold for us. hahahahah. this will wake up the workd. see the exchanges were the same devil we fight in fiat. trust no one

  10. Omar probably one of you're best interview, trace Mayer is a great and intelligent human being..
    he is so right on January 3th some people will be very surprise if we all do that …
    because most people don't know that this exchanges don't even have or hold those cryptos .
    better get you're money out of any exchanges and put it in you're wallet secured like nano's or others ..
    thank you Omar and keep on the good work , love you're show .watching it almost everyday here in France.
    lets make cryptos great again….:)

  11. why is it that when Fiat $ value of bitcoin rise, it not manipulation? Why do we buy bitcoin at Fiat $ only to change it back to fiat $? Shouldn't we be using bitcoin to buy stuff by now?

  12. This is because over 90% of crypto is paper crypto.. Exchanges run a fraction reserve. It far worse than banks because banks need to report their reserve float balance. There will be 21MM bitcoins but paper bitcoin is around 950MM bitcoin. If you ever notice a coin listing on a new large exchange the price drops. Think about it.

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