10 New Electric Kick Scooters On Sale in 2019 (Upcoming and Trusted Models)

Many people call electric scooters the menace of modern cities, while those who actually ride them, praise these vehicles as the miracle of the last mile transportation. If you are the latter kind, in this episode you will find a review of the most recent models that just hit the market or will be released in the nearest future. They use innovative materials in the construction, feature revised designs, longer range, ingenious solutions, which drastically improve the riding experience, and some even come at very affordable prices.

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All of the entries from this #ATelectricbikes episode:

Go Trax G2: gotrax.com/collections/electric-scooters/products/g2-electric-kick-scooter –

Gotrax is the up and coming manufacturer of last mile transportation solutions that emerged in 2017. One of the recent additions to the lineup is the affordable G2 electric scooter which could be a perfect alternative to Bird’s and Lyft’s rental service.

Unagi Swan: unagiscooters.com

This scooter was introduced for the first time the Swan and later rebranded as Unagi, which is Japanese for the freshwater eel, hinting to the electric nature of the scoot.

Stator: stator.com

Seeing the success of the fat-tired Scrooser, the Californian product designer and skateboarder, Nathan Allen, decided to build his own electric scooter with alleged self-balancing capability called Stator.

Ninebot KickScooter Series (ES1, ES2, ES4) by Segway: segway.com

KickScooter Ninebot by Segway is a new fully electric stand-up scooter series that consists of three models: a 500W ES1 and more powerful ES2 and ES4, featuring 700 and 800W e-motors respectively. The scooters are priced between $399 and $649.

Gotrax GXL: gotrax.com/products/gxl-electric-commuter-scooter

If your scooting needs require you to go further, but the budget is still not sufficient enough to buy a Xioami or a Segway electric scooters, then the new edition Gotrax GXL is the way to go.

UrmO: my-urmo.com/en

UrmO has many names: a foldable transportation device, a hoverboard, but we call it a self-balancing scooter. In essence this is an extremely lightweight platform with 14-inch wheels

Lunar Rocket 1800: lunarscooters.com/shop/super-1800-watt-48v-brushless-lithium-electric-scooter

2019 Lunar Rocket 1800 is one of the newest arrivals to the stand-up scooter market. It speeds to 40 mph and folds in half in 2 seconds. However, with a 75-pound weight, the Rocket is best suited to fit in a car trunk instead of being carried around during daily commute.

Zukboard City: zukboard.com

2018 Zukboard City is a hybrid combination of a scooter and a skateboard that has modular design and easy to fold mechanism. It is powered by either a 300W or a 350W rear hub motor, developing a max speed of 18.6 mph.

Zoom Stryder EX: ridezoom.co/shop/zoom-stryder

Zoom Stryder EX is a foldable electric scooter designed for every-day commuting in a big city. The model is capable of conquering even steep 25% hills, developing a top speed of 18.6 mph, and traveling up to 22 miles on a charge.

Ojo Commuter Scooter: ojoelectric.com

This scooter is most known for the partnership with Ford. Ojo is able to use the name of the large automotive company, and their decent scooters get media attention they deserve.

Inboard Glider: inboardtechnology.com/products/the-glider

This company has already made a name for itself as an electric skateboards manufacturer, but since scooters are the hottest products these days, Inboard is stepping into the game.


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