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  1. Is that the lowest graphics preset? No rtx? Also how does two javelins of the same class differentiate, only by color? No different armor pieces?

  2. For me, I don't care that its a destiny clone rather than what else can it offer besides it. Like, Can this be a destiny clone but with a more cohesive story/campaign? If not, then I'm just not interested.

  3. I have a question, would there be armour that gives you more hover time? Like the helmet in destiny one that when you aimed in you hovered, so for instance the more damage you do, the longer you hover?

  4. Everyone is hating because destiny failed vanilla the first two times and this game is similar to destiny in progression system even though destinys level system was praised… people just like to complain tbh

  5. I see little to compare this to Destiny this is more comparable to Warframe and Warframe is a great game and the Devs are like family to their Tenno I would like to that aspect in this games devs

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