The AfterLife is an Illusion. Heaven and Hell are only Virtual Reality Programs for the Soul

Why are there so many different versions of the afterlife? Who is right and who is wrong? The answer: Everyone is right and everyone is wrong. The Afterlife is …


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  1. This dense material plane (the underworld) is also maya(illusion). For example atoms consist of 95.5 percent nothing and the rest is electric/photons(hologram/light) and some bosons and higgs and others things we do not understand yet hold the structure of the atom together. The acients called the sun Atoem..
    Heaven en and are just another version of Duality. When you die you have to option to choose for separation (Demiurge). Or you can choose to fully release yourself into bodhi(Godhead).
    This means you become one with the light of all souls. Not the light of all matter thats different. Its another route. For example when one chooses for separation advanced ones can choose to embody a planet next. Then a Sun, and when a sun goes supernova and implodes this implosion/blackhole will create a new pocket with a new universe. The soul that embodies this dreams that grand vision into "reality" All that matter exists out of his conciousness. In the paradoxical nature of non duality everything is half truth. For example in the beginning i wondered how can anything exist out of nothing? The answer is when nothing exists everything also have to exist. Just like warm/cold, up/down, love/fear. Al these things are to create a complete experience. Its the dance between Ying and Yang. When your ego structures pop and you experience oneness with all that is you will know for a fact that there is no difference between you and me. We are one being manifesting itself through a infinite individuals. But always as one.

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