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  1. Why did you leave out the part where everyone who actually bought a Vive or a Rift and g-card with more than min-spec was able to get their HMD, g-card and next HMD for free through the mine-while-you-sleep rebate club? BTC is in the shitter now but if you weren't a retard VR was free without any crazy investments or insane purchases. Just a mid-range CPU with a top-range GPU left to mine overnight from shortly before Rift/Vive launch to now has already paid for a Vive Pro and is about to pay for my next G-card. VR being unaffordable was a stupidity tax. Especially considering you could walk into a harveys and walk out with a 1080ti 24 months interest free and have it paid off in 3 fucking months without spending damned cent of your own money, lol.

    The stomach problems were from being cheap unless you had in a rollercoaster or doing loops, VR is meant to run at 90fps SOLID and the blurrier it is, the easier it is to get sick. You need the sharpest picture possible and you need it lag free if you want proper VR. This is so disappointing considering what titles have launched, I'm still not sold on PSVR despite owning a Vive Pro and pining for certain games on PSVR because you basically made it clear that it's terrible.

  2. Great Video.. for 750$ ill say dont buy it. if u got the deal like 12 games with everything included just for 400$ or even 500$ then its a must buy. only if ur true hardcore gamer n want everything that modern game has to offer.

  3. Only for RE7, Until Dawn, RIGS, Farpoint ill buy this VR. importer really fucked us up here. but this time ill import it.i love playing it on my friend house. i loved it.

  4. You guys r so lucky. U can get PSVR for 300$ for everything with 12 games. u can get PSPro for another 350$ with 5 games with a year subscription. If i have that deal here. This hardware cost so much. both will cost me 400$ each n almost zero games with no year subscription also. We dont have SONY distributor for PS4 here. So they jack the price up.

  5. I think I'm just gonna go Vive when I step into VR.
    I already have a beefy i5/RX480 rig capable of VR gaming at very high settings, and the Vive ($599USD as of the video, but reduced to $499USD as of 2018) already comes with left and right motion controllers and a precision spacial-approximation lighthouse out of the box.

  6. VR is way overrated, there are a couple good VR games like Super Hot. But most games are Shovel ware or games that are just as good playing with out a headset.

  7. I personally saved up my ass as well with a dishwashing job to get the PSVR and PS4 with it cause I never owned a PS4 before, been a nintendo and on and off xbox fan. Best money I ever spent. It's such a great casual gamer accessory and even watching Youtube VR with it is fun. I just wish it had room scale like HTCVIVE does. But for the price it's lovely. There needs to be more Triple A games though. The experiences are OK if you are just getting into it or you have VR Virgins coming over. Favorite games so far, Rush of Blood, Windlands, Job Simulator.

  8. Played TF2 8 hours straight when I first got my oculus DK 1. I got motion sick when I tried to do surfing and I had to look around like a crazy person.

  9. I only get mild headache from psvr. Same with sailing. But i guess it gets worse. Its also because the picture is so bright , close to your face and narrow field of view. Put them together and there is seasickness

  10. VR is just a gimmick. Screens will always be better than VR. Not to mention that unless the game has very heavy motion blur, I'll never get sick from screens, whereas VR is a different story.

  11. Man, I wish You-Tube would tell me when you upload :(.

    Also I feel like this video was lack luster compared to other videos. I mean the onslaught of random game phootage and the static camera with out many edits, it was kindve :(.

  12. Isn't AUS minimum wage almost $15 per hour? I know taxes are heavy but it couldn't have cost you a whole month's wages to get the headset and camera.

  13. This video is mighty good!

    But one question GHG:

    I know nothing about Star Wars, literally nothing, maybe because Star Wars was pretty old when I was a kid, and also, as a kid I never had any time to watch some Star Wars. Also, it doesn't air on TV where I live.

    Now, I want to get into Star Wars. Know what shit this is and why are people so mighty crazy about it. Also, I want to play the new Battlefront without feeling lost, and having no sense about the narrative.

    So, from where and how should I begin Star Wars franchise, so that I am knowledgeable enough to understand what's going on in the movies and the games?

  14. motion sickness depends on person to person, my first experience was playing subnautica for 2-3 hours and only after those hours I then began to feel sick, however subnautica is not that motionsickness inducing compared to a VR game like detached.

  15. The intro part where you walk around with calming background music is just beautiful. So cinematic. Every of your videos are like telling their own stories. It's like a documentary. There are moments when your videos are goofy and serious, and both of them fit well.

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