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  1. Shorts- I sold BTC at 19000 because the COBE at midnight provided the first way for the market to hedge. As Steve teaches we are in a bear market.. Below 1180 it's still a bear market. Listen to this guy

  2. Love all the info you provide.. I have learned more about charts from these videos than any other YouTube channel… So thanks! Steve, can you please take a minute or two to talk about Ethereum please? Great job!

  3. People at all times fail to understand binary trading, sometimes they feel ignorant about learning it, learning it from a good broker or rather getting a broker to manage it for them, I myself failed to take this things serious and at first it was a disaster because i lost so much that i could ever imagine, all this prompted me to get a diligent and effective broker named Mr Nicolas Scott, have made so much with him.

  4. Love your channel! I found it after Jsnip4 recommended you. Your TA is on point and I won’t ever miss any episode. I wish I could sign up for your class but it’s not in the cards right now. Perhaps after we rake in some crypto profits I can get on board. Thank you ??

  5. Ecuador sounds nice 🙂 last year I moved to the Philippines to be with my girlfriend, now my Fiance 🙂 We get married in March! I think me and you have some things in common. But anyways Steve, could you possibly let me know when I should be buying during our major capitulation? We all know it's coming. I know you were busting our balls about making shorts in the video, but that said, it's by FAR the best opportunity to short and we won't have an opportunity like this again… IF I can make enough money on a short, guess what! I'm buying your class with my profits!! And if you contact me personally, and give me guidance of when I need to buy, I will render to you 15% of my profits from the trade if successful. You can email me at But yeah, If we go down to the 1k levels and possibly below that, we should see a 50-100% increase in 24-48 hours, give or take (from the low of the capitulation.) The price action is going to be legit and it's going to be a big opportunity for those of us who are prepared for the panicking sheep to dump their bags right into our laps… I lost a bit of money on my last trade so i'm waiting for official Capitulation before I make any more moves. I'm going to call the low at $597. I don't think it's possible to go much further below that. And when we hit 1k, that will trigger the fear and panic for a lot of people. They will be saying Bitcoin is dead blah blah like they always have. That will be my signal to buy. But I would appreciate your guidance as well! And hey, maybe someday me & my Fiance can meet up with you & your Fiance and get some dinner. Let the girls do their thing while us men talk crypto 😉 hahaha that would be awesome. But yeah, anyways man, I hope to hear from you and God bless! Merry Christmas 🙂

  6. I unsubbed months ago but now I remembered that you were the only one who called 3k btc when it was still like 8k. Woah, good call. Subbed back

  7. Thanks Steve, yet another incredible video. Personally I would love to see a video on the Dow Jones and the death cross that is approaching, and after reading through the comments below it would be fair to say so does the rest of the Crytpi Crew.
    You shared some great wisdom regarding shorting, given we are at or near the bottom the shorting ship has already sailed
    It would be good if you could do a full series on shorting once this bull market gets underway so we can all learn to trade the trend no matter which way it is heading.
    Peace and Love to Pauline You your baby to be and of course your faithful dog ?

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