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  1. Such an UNDERRATED game! Just picked up the Ultimate Edition from the amazing E3 sale at the MS Store for my Xbox One X and so glad I did. This game deserves more love and it runs great on the Xbox One X!

  2. What was so good about this game the A.I is terrible and I felt like I was playing an episode of csi Miami with the previously and next time on hardline also and there’s no great selection of guns and most importantly you can’t shoot anything you have to arrest them and even when you do your shots don’t really hit anything because of the god awful A.I this should be at least a 4 or 5

  3. Kind a liking it! Havent played online for I have to much games and to less time but the campaign is refreshing and a new experience I the era of military shooters and remakes. How many cop games are there? I can't think of any and I've been gaming since the mid 80's. I think the developers should really get some respect for at least trying something new! It's certainly not perfect but I really enjoy it so far. So a 8 is a good and fair score!

  4. The only reason I got this game was because it was only 5 dollars on the xbox store and I've always wanted to try it.If I end up hating it then I can still sleep at night not worrying that I wasted 60 dollars on it.

  5. I love this game also im going through the story then to multiplayer on bf 4 but likley im going to get a deal on a few released games soon gotta stick with the times

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