Bitcoin At $60k – Would You Sell? (BTC Price Analysis)

Bitcoin At $60k – Would You Sell? (BTC Price Analysis), I am doing this based on a tweet I did yesterday about a $1 million bitcoin and if bitcoin could would reach $1 million, I would sell BTC.

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Crypto Capital Venture is big on tracking bitcoin and litecoin market in particular. The general premise of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Venture is that although Bitcoin price and Litecoin price move very in a very volatile way, there is much opportunity in being prepared for upside and downside. We also cover Bitcoin news on this channel as it comes out.


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  1. It's a common misconception that there is around $100 trillion in the world. If you include all markets its around $1.5quadrillion. I did a video on it called Bitcoin Bottom, check it out. Keep up the great content

  2. I will sell off about half of my portfolio when the coins reaches my price tagets. If Fiat crashes I still have a lot of cryptos left then.

  3. As in normal fiat, you don’t sell all you live off the interest. But what are you selling into? You sell into whatever bill, fund, holiday money, car money there is at the time. If bills are still in fiat then sell as much as the bill is. Your missing the point of investment. Have enough to buy what you intend without losing the lot because at those prices you won’t get more you’ll only get parts of bitcoin unless your a very good trader by pumping the system. If fiat is obsolete then what you selling it for and into? A holiday or car will be so many satoshi’s maybe not $ or £ or wherever you are in the world. Why would you sell into something that’s not worth anything as in where fiat is supposed to be going if crypto is supposed to be what it’s intended!?

  4. I plan to sell about 20% of my crypto portfolio as soon as it's fiat value has hit a certain level. It may be when btc is at around 80K. At around 120K I may sell another 20% of my initial crypto holdings. And maybe at 160K I might sell another 20% of my initial holdings. I will never sell all crypto and I will never invest all my fiat in crypto.

  5. I would also sell my bitcoin at $1 Millon dollars. At this point, I would invest the one million to create passive income around the world.

  6. I have only one bitcoin , and the plan is to hold it for ten to fifteen years (along with my litecoin) and sell the lot regardless of the value. Also I will keep on buying LTC and BTC while the price is affordable, but I will not sell a thing until at least 2028.

  7. You’d be crazy not to sell. Even if it ends up higher later on, the bubble is going to pop again at some point and it’s going to fall off a cliff, so you can always buy back in.

  8. Allow me to play devil's advocate with this mindset. Look at all these comments of people saying they will sell at new higher prices. There's quite a few in this comment section alone now imagine how many people share this same mindset all across the crypto community. If you are all wanting to sell at the same price, it is mathematically impossible for you all to get what you want. Only a few of you will succeed and the rest of you will now have to sell at a devalued Bitcoin price due to the massive amount of sell offs. The way this system works is the rich get richer and poor become more poor by getting screwed over by the rich. That's why the rich benefitted on the last bullrun and the rest of us got screwed over. Who's to say that won't happen on the next bullrun? In all likelihood it will happen again. I actually hate this system of the rich triggering a bull run, the poor catch on and buy into it, and then the rich sell off at a profit while the poor suffer a tremendous loss. That's why I hope crypto goes almost to zero so it can have a rebirth. I'm of the mentality of those who believe in the freedom of Bitcoin should have it. So in my view I picture a world where eventually you can buy a house, car, or some other valuable good with a certain amount of Bitcoin. By trading my Bitcoin in for this good, it won't devalue the currency since the currency is still in use. It's a win-win scenario since I get the good I want and yet it doesn't devalue the currency. It's when it's traded back into fiat that it actually gets devalued. Instead of looking for quick fiat profits, we should instead be trying to encourage massive crypto adoption for goods and services that way when Bitcoin is being traded, it doesn't get devalued. In fact due to the principle of scarcity, it's value can only increase as long as people are not devaluing it by trading back into fiat. But unfortunately most of you are greedy and are looking to increase your fiat rather than focus on creating a new revolution of economics. So as long as there are people with the trader mindset, crypto will never succeed. Once again human greed triumphs.

  9. Sold everything around 4k.

    Waiting to buy back in around the 2k area.

    What's important is to take profits when BTC rallies and if and when the next bear market begins then get out and wait for the reset and the next sequence.

    If we are lucky and crypto becomes widely used in retail transactions that will help stabalize volatility so then hold as much as one normally has in a bank account.

    Crypto today is being integrated into money markets.

    Crypto tomorrow will be used to back fiat.

    Dollar doesn't collapse rather becomes hybridized.

  10. Trade it on the way up. Sell the resistance buy the support. Multiply or grow the investment. Sell @ near $60000. Short the crash to the $7000 levels and start loading up @ the $6500-$7000 levels….$hi$hing..$hi$hing!!! Repeat process on the way up to $1,000,000 ?

  11. You are all dreamer …. the Bitcoin will lose its appeal and we will never see these price increases. There have been wars for power and money for centuries and you think they are clearing the place without a fight ??? Bitcoin will be destroyed with a lot of money ….

  12. BTC may reach $1 million but it would be relative to the hyper inflated value of the dollar. What will be the price of a gallon of milk when BTC hit $1 mil?

  13. I reaaly wonder what it would take for BTC to get to 100k, 250k and beyond. By that I mean with the shear number of coins out there right now I can not see it happening I think before we see a massive run up which would lead to extreme prices we would necessarily need to see most other coins fall off. I personally think the crypto-verse may only contain a handful of coins at that point such as BTC, LTC and maybe a few others if that. Just my opinion but I would like to hear what others think

  14. If my portfolio does 3x (incl. taxes) I'm taking out 1/3 and leaving the rest in long term. No plans on cashing out the rest, although perhaps I would buy things directly with crypto's.

  15. Yeah, I think the dollar could be hyper inflated by then. I might spend a Bitcoin at a million dollar bitcoin at that point. Depends on what a million dollar bitcoin would buy.

  16. Everytime we discuss selling points for BTC I always work backwards to LTC will be (the ratio) will be. Oddly enough, I guess I am saying between the ears, I have paired the two.

  17. You should not build that trend line with the last ATH . It was not natural. This ATH should never happen to BTC and it only hurt it. BTC value was just manipulated to the max. So good luck building that trend line mate

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