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    After making a terrific tablet in 2017, Eve Tech is having trouble shipping units and supporting customers –

    PayPal Funds Freeze –

    My awful experience trying to refund an Eve V and why you should avoid them if you value your rights as a consumer-

    Eve V the community-sourced device maker and hopeful 'Surface Killer' extends shipping delay to 9 months, shuts down forum registration –

  2. Same issue with the with the superbook made by sentio it's been over 2 years since I funded the project but no product they just sent updates last one in Oct that they are trying to get the product out when uemail them their reply is u will get it when we make it

  3. Oh, come on. Everyone has a head on their shoulders. You show a product, it's up to every individual to calculate the risk, to decide for themselves if they can spend that money, etc. Even if you recommend the device, because it's great or because you personally like it, you're not responsible for the bad experience someone may have with it. As I said it's up to every individual to decide for themselves if that device is for them, if they can spend the money and if they can take the risk.

  4. A Surface clone promising Type C and TB3 and 2 more USB 3 ports and a microSD slot and rainbows and sunshine and puppy dogs….

    As a Surface user I was tempted yet skeptical. Glad I still have my money. Hoping MS will finally give us what we want with the SP7.

  5. I pre-ordered a foldable measuring spoon on Kickstarter close to 2 years ago and they still haven't delivered ???

    It was almost worth my $10 to watch the company post ridiculous updates trying to get out of this hole.

  6. So who are the morons who buy expensive stuff on these platforms….I don't even get stuff like that from Amazon or eBay….I want a retailer I can go to and hold accountable. Warning people now is too fucking late.

  7. The fact you didn't contact the distressed customer/viewer and pay compensation is a little ignorant of you. If I were you I'd give the viewer some money to finance the loss.

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