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  1. Great video! It's awesome to see PSVR coverage from a major outlet! Here are a few more additions of games that blew me away:

    TO THE TOP. An incredible first person perspective platformer that plays great, looks awesome and it's frantic as hell.

    Knockout League. Punch-Out in VR. It's as simple as that, and it's super fun… And exhausting!

    Creed. It reminds me to Fight Night in VR. It's another very active game, but the feeling of being on a Rocky movie is top notch.

    Red Matter. One of the best looking PSVR games, and a really fun retro sci-fi adventure with a cool story and puzzles.

    Transpose. A puzzle game that can totally blow your mind. Inventive, crazy and uses VR on an awesome way. A must-have for puzzle fans akin to Portal or Talos Principle.

    In Death. Alongside The Persistence, the best rogue-like PSVR game. It's super hard and it'll kick your ass A LOT, but the archery mechanics and physics are the best I've played. Awesome and addictive as hell.

    Rush VR. Wingsuit races with an incredible sense of speed and a lot of fun overall

  2. Thanks Ian for all the fantastic VR coverage. Just curious if you've played To The Top? It's like Super Mario 64 in first person seriously it's that good. I can definitely see the gameplay mechanic being used in other VR games to move around the environment particularly when it comes to verticality, there's really nothing else like it on PSVR!

  3. Man, I get you're trying to sell us on how scary the scary games are, but the loudness of the jumpscare parts you show off in this is deafening compared to the rest of the video.

  4. I may not have a PSVR (or any VR) but I still enjoy these videos to see what devs are doing with the technology. And, of course, for the Higtonesque style of the reviews.

  5. My favourite part of the VR Worlds demo was the Astrobot mini games. Japan Studios work is wonderfully realised VR gaming.
    I was hoping for a fully implemented game of that on PSVR. I am so pleased, as I have just treated myself to an early Christmas present of Astrobot Rescue Mission. Moss was also an essential purchase for me. And I will blowing any PSN Vouchers I receive on Tetris Effect !

  6. Add me to the list of people who've got into PSVR because of your enthusiasm. I got it on Friday and even from my little bit of playing around so far, I'm loving it. Gonna take it with me up home for Christmas so I can make my mum try it out, too!

  7. The enthusiasm that you have shown for VR is the reason I got the PSVR last year, I have never regretted this decision.

    Thank you Ian and the rest of the Eurogamer team for the great content.

  8. My favourite PSVR games this year:

    1) Tetris Effect. The perfect game for shutting the world out, focusing on gameplay and getting lost in beautiful music and transcendent visuals. Reliably makes me feel good about the world in a way that few other games do.
    2) Moss. Quill is full of personality. The fairytale setting is charming. I was genuinely sad to finish the game because I wanted to spend more time with Quill. I can't wait for the sequel.
    3) Astro Bot Rescue Mission. Joyful gameplay with adorable animation. It reduces me to a childlike glee all the time. The people who made this game understand joy and happiness and how to shove it in greedy fistfuls into your face through a VR helmet.
    4) Déraciné. Deeply atmospheric and haunting long after I finished it. I mean, I dreamt about this game after I played it – it sank into my consciousness that deeply. The only problem I have with it is that one ridiculously obscure puzzle!

    Thanks for all the VR coverage, Ian. I wouldn't have ended up playing any of these games if I hadn't been watching VR Corner. That made me want to try VR, which I did at EGX, and then I knew I really wanted to play VR games. There is something very special about how fully the best of these games draw you into their world, and then when I'm back in mine I feel moved, or changed in ways that I really appreciate.

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