2018 International Unlocked Smartphones Giveaway – OnePlus 6T, Honor 10 & The Samsung Galaxy S9

With the end of 2018 upon us and to thank you all for the support all these years, I joined forces with 3 amazing Youtubers, Virgil from Iluvtrading and Brett from …


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About the Author: TK Bay


  1. Never won a giveaway ?
    Belong to lower class family so can't able to buy a good Phone ?
    Wish to win this time?
    Nice content and thinking sir?
    Love and respect from India?

  2. Thank you Sir i just open tweeter a/c for follow U, but i can't open Instagram a/c becz, i doesn't have phone to access notification all time & nice impact voice Good Going

  3. This is great that you are giving away phones but i dont like to Sub to random channels to get in Giveaway,so ill pass this chance. Gl to others that will join Giveaways and big salute to you TK ๐Ÿ™‚

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