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  1. People, I don`t know how to say, but I ask you for help!

    The fact is that this day I want to start making videos on YouTube. We are talking about craft and various cool videos, the themes of which one way or another will affect games, comics, and other Geek-content. But each time, as it costs me to save at least some, all the money goes to the needs of the family. This idea is still alive, but every day it moves further and further away from me. It got to the point that my laptop, which has been with me for more than 7 years, began to give ends. I ask you to help future content maker. This account has a link to my donationalerts, where the funds will be collected. If you have a question, my main accounts are also fixed. I believe that among you there are those who want to help. Even a small amount can help move the dream from a dead end. From myself, I promise to do everything in my power so that not a single coin will go in vain. So thank you for reading.

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