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  1. I bought the game day 1 and I'd say its a good 9.5 out of 10 only slightly let down by the menu system but saying that I've never played a borderlands game of any type or even read much about the franchise until now. Im about 3 hrs in and its a really great game than the world and action in vr is breath taking.

  2. What's ironic is they did the same thing for Borderslands PS Vita review. They honestly had a part in the negaitve spotlight unfairly to the Vita, and now they doing the same for the VR systems… for shame

  3. bad boys at IGN, they never liked psvr from the start, if its not AAA flat they don't understand it, not much up top to comprehend a vr world, me thinks. I always go by our chaps in the vr community keep up the good work peeps. bad bad IGN no ice cream desert for you fellas.

  4. I think maybe the actually free lance reviewer should make a video and come clean. Listen everyone makes a mistake and it is someone career livelihood mortgage family support etc on the line. I’m sure he is feeling the worst about this more so then everyone else. Maybe if devs were kind enough to meet/accept apology publicly it would help all concerned.

  5. I hope developers and companies watch our community here, and don't lose heart and think vr is a bad investment. I bought tons of games because of polish paul,without parole and others..I don't even go ign anymore, ( maybe vinylicpuma and agc sometimes) Player youtube content is infinitely more interesting than ign or gamespot.
    Besides they can be fun, make mistakes,be a real human and swear every now and then. I want real people…
    If no one complained that review would probably still be there..fully endorsed by ign.

  6. Why oh why are PSVR games so overlooked by the mainstream corporate reviewers? I can't believe the lack of reviews for this game. Like there is nothing on Gamerankings for Borderlands 2 VR. Hardly ever is there any good reviews for VR except for the PSVR community here which is top notch.

  7. Its insane to me that they put non-vr gamers to review vr games. Its like putting a non-gamer to review a flat game, like wtf? When you review a vr game, you are speaking to the vr crowd, the people that accually play and/or own a vr setup. They have to learn to seperate the two, because some people simply never will get into vr. How the hell can you work in the review buissness and be so clueless to how vr works? For shame!

  8. Once again IGN need to apologize for their reviewers. I understand that there are a lot of games to review, but if you're not going to take your time and learn the game you're reviewing, then what's the point?

  9. Even with the apology (which was posted in the wrong sub, and a bit obscure even within that one) they can shove their retconned review up their holes. The damage is done.

  10. I don't blame IGN, I never really watch their reviews in the first place. But every time they make a mistake they seem to fix it and handle things the right way. Like when that one reviewer copied someone else's review and didn't credit them, they fired him and apologized to the game developers and everyone who watched the review.

    They just need to do a better job at hiring 😀

  11. Unfortunately a lot of streamers and channels don’t bother with tutorials and options and dive straight in, giving bad impressions for the sake of being first to show the game for views. IGN should of known better especially on a review?

  12. Someone at IGN would have signed off on that review even if it was sourced out. So now they are going to make a new review to coincide with popular public opinion? I would have respected them more if they stuck by the original review.

  13. Don't know why I was surprised at the IGN review. To be honest I'm more shocked at the fact that the 'reviewer' actually managed to put the headset on the right way round.

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